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New SEO Products Enhance Online Performance

Maria Mitsova
June 18, 2007

Search engine marketing company ineedhits has revamped its free tools area and launched two new free SEO tools. As top rankings on the major search engines are getting more competitive, the two new free SEO tools provide website owners with important search engine optimization analytics in a user friendly format. Free Keyword Density Analyzer is a simple to use flash based tool that analyzes the density of keywords and search terms on a given web page allowing users to determine whether their web pages are optimized for the appropriate keywords and search phrases. Free Competitor Analysis Tool is a great service that helps users understand how their web page optimization compares to their competitors.

Objectware Inc. has expanded its Search Engine Marketing program, a proprietary custom reporting software, which affords clients the ability to easily monitor their pay-per-click campaigns and analyze their progress. The SEM program offers pay-per-click services with Google AdWords, Yahoo! Search Marketing (formerly Overture) and Microsoft ad Center. In addition, Objectware provides a fully managed banner advertising services. Objectware's SEM administration functionality extends their organic Search Engine Optimization techniques by allowing their customers to increase the "quality scores" for key phrase bids, thus providing higher pay-per-click visibility for a relatively limited budget.

SeoQuake has launched SeoDigger, a new software product that allows Web promoters to make a rapid analysis of any Web site’s search engine traffic for more effective search engine optimization (SEO). Seodigger.com allows webmasters to find what position their site ranks in search engine results. Users of Seodigger.com will also know what key phrases lead people to their site on Google.com. With Seodigger one can analyze any site or document. For each keyword, SeoDigger shows the positions of any site in the search engine results page (SERP), Wordtracker and Overture counters for each search query.

SearchInform Technologies Inc. released PlagiatInform, a professional tool for identifying plagiarism in documents. Thanks to its unique similar search technology, PlagiatInform successfully solves the problem of plagiarism. PlagiatInform first checks the work being turned in, comparing it to those already in the database. If the percent of plagiarism in the work is low, the work is divided into paragraphs and then gets compared to the database of previously submitted works, also divided into paragraphs. This not only allows you to identify the plagiarized extracts, but also to see where exactly they were taken from and what changes have been made.


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