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SBInformer: March Top Stories Selection

April 08, 2008

There have been a lot of qualitative and valuable articles and news, good proposals and real stories in internet that could inspire you to take your business to the next level. We are gathering for you the most worthy of the small business realm from the previous month published here and there. You just need to relax and take delight in the collection we made for you.

  • Go with the Flow and you will touch five golden rules how to measure, monitor and manage the cash that flows in and out of your business. Having cash available when you need it is vital for your business.
  • You Are What You Sell – Selling services have always been quite a difficult task because the potential clients cannot “touch and feel” or test the product before buying. Traditionally, service companies rely on testimonials, trials and guarantees. But is that enough?
  • Surviving a slow economy offers  some valuable hints for small businesses which are facing tough times because of the recession.
  • Artisan Manufacturing Interview - My Beating Heart – “Our website so far has been the core of the business, but it's starting to move into brick/mortar retail stores. We just did the Toy Fair, and picked up some gift stores and are talking to more. But if it wasn't for the web, I wouldn't be here talking about this.”
  • Taking Aim and you will find out how comparison-shopping software works. And something more, this software lets you target potential customers when they're browsing for products on the sites of your competitors. It is not bad, isn’t it?
  • Top Experts Dish with their Best Kept Marketing Secrets - the world’s top marketers, small business experts and bloggers reveal one of their best kept marketing secrets. Pick some marketing tactics that you think are really going to work for you. Then, figure out how you can do them in an extraordinary way.
  • Create your own fully baked food business success story – it is a real story of a girl who shares what’s worked for her. “If you’ve ever thought about selling your Italian grandmother’s biscotti, or your innovative gluten free cookies, here are a few tips to position yourself for success”.
  • 100 best places to live and launch – CNNMoney.com presents towns with the best mix of business advantages and lifestyle appeal. Check out their 100 top picks and find the perfect place to build your dream. You can start now.

I hope you enjoy! Stay tuned for more articles and news from SmallBusinessInformer as well as for the next month issue of top stories.


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