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Useful tips on how to implement successful internet marketing campaign

June 02, 2008


Doing business on internet greatly differs from doing business in any other way. The fundamentals are similar but a number of disparate marketing approaches should be applied in order to get noticed and attract customers to your e-commercial site.

Brandt Stohr, a savvy internet marketer and business owner, in a series of videos, gives exceptionally useful tips on how to make your internet marketing campaign successful.

“Social media marketing is drastically different in several ways to traditional marketing. Social media marketing leaves a lasting footprint on the information highway and continues to build on itself, so the results of a marketing campaign spending twenty thousand a month in traditional marketing would tend to be about the same on a monthly basis, where with social marketing, the results from the same marketing budget will continue to expand exponentially each month, because each month builds on the previous month.” , said Brandt Stohr at his website www.socialmarketingexplosion.com.

We have chosen 5 out of 11 video series entitled “Internet Marketing for small business” that will give you vital information how to build successful marketing campaign on internet.


Targeting the right audience

Targeting the right audience is the key point in any marketing campaign. It represents a crucial prerequisite for success. Otherwise your marketing efforts might be of little to no use. In internet marketing it is essential to know what your prospects type in instead of what they are looking for. To get more of it, watch the video:

Long-tail keywords

You will find out which phrases will work for your business so that your website will be properly optimized. Brandt Stohr also gives some insights about long-tail keyword phrases and how to get maximum results from your marketing campaign. Enjoy the video:

Selecting the right media format

Selecting the right media format can be critical for your success with Social Marketing. If done properly it would double or triple your internet exposure. As a result you will gain more back links to your website, higher page rank and of course your website will be better positioned in the search results. All in the name of driving more target prospects to your business. Watch the video.

Opt-in box and Autoresponder

If you miss to capture customers’ information when they come across your site, you automatically lose a portion of your market. How you can do it? It is simple. Just put an opt-in box on your site by which you will capture information like email, name and so forth. Thus, you will be able to continue the relationship. In fact, 18% of the sales occur after establishing actual communication with your customers. So the key is to keep following up over and over again. Enjoy the video.

E-mail campaign

By the last video you will get more in-depth information about following-up and a couple of really good tips on how to write email. Enjoy it!


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