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Create a Landing Page to Convert Ad Clicks into Clients

July 01, 2008


What is a landing page?

It's a specialized page that visitors reach after clicking on an online ad or on a search-engine result link. The page is usually tightly focused on a particular product or service with the aim of prompting the visitor a certain action. The page should display content that is relevant to the advertisement or link, and properly optimized for specific keywords or phrases. The landing page is considered to be a crucial part of every marketing campaign.

Benefits of Creating a Landing page

Landing pages are one of the best ways to convert web clicks into clients. They significantly impact your conversion rate. Marketers claim that the companies which use targeted landing pages are able to almost double the conversion rate compared to ones that use their homepage as the destination for an ad or link.

Yet another advantage of landing pages is the ability to improve your search engine placement because they are filled with keywords relevant to your business or product.

One or multiple landing pages

The audience you are targeting with a particular campaign is the key to decide how many landing pages are appropriate for a product or service. If the audience is already quite familiar with the product it would be better to use only one landing page. For new products or services landing pages with more information should be considered.

The experts advise that the best strategy when using PPC advertising to drive clients to a specific offer, is writing a dedicated page. Having in mind that PPC ads are usually very targeted and the audience will be quite focused on its expectations.

On the other hand the best choice, when targeting a diverse group of people, is customizing multiple landing pages.

What to consider when you build a landing page


A well-designed landing page provides the visitors with all information they need without having to search your site or the web to find the answers they are looking for.

The information should be concentrated on a specific product or service and also be visible without the need to scroll down the page.

There are three important things that your landing page might serve: give your prospect reason to convert, facilitate them to do so, and resolve any concerns the prospect may have about converting. If any of the information on your page is in dissonance with these aims, then it doesn’t have to stay on the landing page.

The secret of the effective page is hidden in its permanent updating. Updating content on a regular basis will surely boost your search engine optimization, help you trace what content generates the best conversion, and last but not least, will improve traffic.

Build your landing page with a specific goal in mind.

Landing page must serve to its purpose. The goal might be to sell a product, or to learn more about a service, or to sign up for a newsletter, or to provide you with a feedback. Each of these goals must be achieved through different landing pages. Don't complicate your page by trying to do too much at a time. You should put a lot of efforts on getting your visitor to take an action by focusing on the desired action, and using every element on the page to drive your visitor to this action. The navigation doesn’t have to be distractive. Keep the process simple.

In Part 2, I am examining some other powerful things to consider when building your landing page.



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