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10 habits of the thriving entrepreneur

August 20, 2008


WatchMeFranchise.com has released a new video entitled “10 Habits of Successful Business Owners”. It describes the important habits and traits the entrepreneurs should possess in order to harvest success in the business. We can see that it is not as easy to manage our own business as it looks at first sight. The personality, the ability to prioritize different tasks, and the adaptation to ever-changing business environment are a must.

Here are the 10 common traits that thriving small business owners usually exhibit:

1. Always be Motivated

2. Goal Oriented

3. Time Management Skills

4. Money Management Skills

5. Pay Attention to Personal Health

6. Ability to Adapt

7. Risk Takers

8. Communication Skills

9. Open to Suggestions

10. Work Long Hours

To get into more details watch the video:


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