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Business.com Top Trend: Computer Virus Alert


Business.com, the leading vertical search engine for businesses, analyzes the top trends in computer security that affect small businesses.

SB Informer
Tuesday, April 25, 2006; 03:44 AM

"If the computer network gets sick, so do my profits."

As the cold and flu season ends, a whole new batch of data is available on computer viruses. And in the world of business, viruses translate into lost profits.

That's the sentiment among small business owners recently surveyed at Business.com, the largest B2B vertical search engine.

"Our Small Business Barometer(TM) picked up a rising popularity in computer security, so we surveyed small business owners to determine the drivers of the demand," explains Lane Soelburg, VP of Marketing and Customer Insights for Business.com.

70% of the search traffic within the Computer Security category is dedicated to spyware blocking and virus protection, followed by firewall and VPN concerns.

"The interest in computer security is entirely justified from a business perspective," said Soelberg. "Close to 3/4 of respondents said their company's profitability is linked to the security of their computer networks. 66% of those surveyed are more concerned today versus 6 months ago. 1/3 of respondents want to increase their security spending."

More Viruses = More Search Terms
With each new computer virus, a new search term is born. People searching for a solution to the "I Love You Virus" tend to search specifically for it's actual name.

Business.com's research indicates a 17% increase this year in the number of computer security search terms.

Doctors in The House
As small business line up for computer network "vaccinations," attached is the Business.com Hot List of companies that are very well positioned to help meet this demand.
About Business.com
Business.com helps small business decision-makers solve their most pressing business problems and realize their most compelling opportunities. As the largest business-to-business search engine and directory, Business.com makes it easy to find the most useful business websites, products, and services saving our users time and money.

Business.com’s proprietary taxonomy and classification system of over 65,000 business categories allows professionals to intuitively locate the most relevant and authoritative business information, without consumer clutter.

As the leading vertical search engine for business, Business.com attracts more than 4 million diverse business owners and decision makers and reaches another 26 million through its distribution network, which includes top-tier publishing partners such as Entrepreneur.com, Forbes.com, Businessweek.com, Inc.com, FastCompany, and Internet.com.

Business.com was founded in 1999 by eCompanies. Still privately-held, Business.com added Benchmark Capital as a preferred stockholder in 2004, whose portfolio includes franchise companies such as Critical Path, eBay and Jupiter Networks.

For more information, please visit www.business.com

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