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Mercantile Commercial Capital, LLC Honored with Three Awards


SB Informer
Monday, May 15, 2006; 03:47 AM

Altamonte Springs, FL - Mercantile Commercial Capital, LLC, the Altamonte Springs-based firm that specializes in U.S. Small Business Administration (SBA) 504 loans for small business owners who want to acquire or develop their own facilities, was recently honored with three major industry awards.

Christopher G. Hurn, President and Chief Executive Officer of the firm, said the U.S. Small Business Administration recently notified Mercantile Commercial Capital that it will be honored at a luncheon in Jacksonville on May 9 with its 2006 “Financial Services Champion of the Year” award for the State of Florida.

Hurn said the award represents Mercantile Commercial Capital’s leading role in providing SBA 504 loans in Florida and encompass both SBA district offices that cover the state.

Hurn said the firm was also named the outstanding SBA lender in the twelve states of the Southeastern region of the U.S., winning the SBA’s “Financial Services Champion of the Year” award for nearly 1/5 of the country -- something a Florida firm has previously never won.

At the same time, in Orlando, Mercantile Commercial Capital was recently named as a finalist for the second year in a row as the “Best Place to Work” by a local business publication.

“When we established our business model we heard a lot of criticism from bankers and others who questioned why we would focus on a single lending instrument. Our position, then as now, was that SBA 504 financing is highly under valued in the commercial lending market, and we would focus only on the best product. While SBA 504 Loans are not as lucrative for lenders on a loan-for-loan basis as conventional financing, they offer by far the best value for clients and the best value for the community,” Hurn said.


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