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Learn How to Market a Business with a Free Marketing Plan Ebook


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Thursday, January 4, 2007; 01:51 AM

As a marketing consultant, Peter Geisheker, CEO of The Geisheker Group Marketing Consulting Company is always being asked by small business owners how to write a market plan and what strategies they should consider for marketing their business.

To answer this complicated question, Peter Geisheker has written a free marketing plan ebook that discusses how to write a marketing plan and lists over 100 marketing strategies small business owners can use to market their business.

In this free ebook, small business owners will learn important marketing tactics such as:

* How to find a niche market.
* How to research your competition.
* How to make your product or service unique so it stands out from the competition.
* How to market your business on the Internet.
* How to create direct-response marketing materials that attract customers and drive sales.

This free ebook can be downloaded at www.marketing-consulting-company.com.

Peter Geisheker states, "Behind every successful product or service is a well-researched marketing plan. A marketing plan guides a company step-by-step how to market its product or service to a specific target market and it helps a company remain focused on its marketing objectives. By not taking the time to prepare a marketing plan, you are essentially flying blind with your marketing--and that can be a very expensive mistake."

About The Geisheker Group Marketing Consulting Company
Established in 2004, The Geisheker Group is a marketing company that specializes in helping small businesses increase the effectiveness of their sales and marketing programs. The Geisheker Group can be reached by calling (920) 592-9595 or by going to www.marketing-consulting-company.com.



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