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E2 Empowers Small Business with Free of Charge Training for Email Management


SB Informer
Monday, June 4, 2007; 06:22 AM

Business Arc hosted email services division E2 has launched a series of online training sessions available to help subscribers and prospective customers get the most out of using their Microsoft Office Outlook software.

The beginning of this year saw the long awaited release of the new Office 2007 suite, the market leading business software from Microsoft. Just as everyone had finally got used to the version and our own “way of doing things” along comes Uncle Bill to spice things up and give us even more options to choose from. But is this really what people want?

“Absolutely” says Robert Edsell, divisional head of E2, “the faster and more efficient people can be when it comes to dealing with email the less ‘distracted’ they get by using it. …” According to the company’s recent survey of over 250 people less than half of the users (44%) applied rules to manage their inbox, only 31% had ever used shared folders and astonishingly only 4% had even heard of Business Contact Manager. “Most people only touch a fraction of it and are happy… The reason for our seminars we’re holding (from July) is to empower the business owners and managers to get staff using the features as they were designed and making the most out of what these tools can do.”

For anybody who sells services into small businesses it quickly becomes obvious that people want to hear how something works in plain English and nothing else. There are plenty of self help resources around but these are often buried in the annals of Microsoft’s knowledgebase and generally explained in a way that doesn’t necessarily suit the UK audience.

The E2 webinar series will provide individuals with an overview of the most common productivity / management tasks, threats and business process functions of Outlook. At the end of each event individuals can request a ‘one to one’ to discuss how to implement a layered approach to deploying business process. For those who want some quick answers to inbox mayhem, follow these wise words for staying on top of your email;

1. Prioritize messages to insure that important email is addressed first.
2. Respond in a timely fashion and more the email out of your inbox.
3. Use the inbox as a “to do” list.
4. Read down the email thread before responding.
5. Don’t become a slave to email!

“While we believe email is a critical issue for business decision makers, much of the problems associated with it can be overcome through following straightforward steps. That’s why we’ve produced this series of events and presentations… Whether people have upgraded to Microsoft Office Outlook 2007 or using Outlook 2003, there is a bunch of unlocked potential in these bits of software that can really help their business grow if only they stopped to understand HOW it works a bit better.”

To participate should visit E2 website directly at www.exchangeemail.co.uk or call one of the team on +44(0)20 7898 0529 and register. For more information on any of Business Arc’s other services please visit the corporate website at www.bizarc.com

About Business Arc
Business Arc is the UK’s premier Managed Service Provider specialising in Exchange Email, .NET Websites and Microsoft Software technologies for small to medium sized businesses.

The mission for E2 is to simplify email management, security and usability.

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