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Due to demand Source4me The Online Builders Merchant adds additional Calculators


By Mark Foreman
SB Informer Contributing Author
Monday, June 4, 2007; 12:44 AM

Due to overwhelming demand Source4me the online builders merchant and building materials & supplies sourcing specialists, have added even more extensive materials calculators to their site.

In addition to the concrete, screed, render, brick and block volume calculators located at http://www.source4me.co.uk/source-building-materials.htm

There is now an extensive roofing material calculator, which not only calculates the area of a gable, hip end or shed roof it even takes into account the hidden area of a dormer pitch and the additional ridges required.

Also a stud wall calculator which provides not only the amount of timber or metal studs required it even works out the required plasterboard, insulation and plaster. Right down to the number of screws or nails and scrim tape.

Source4me are also looking to add cost estimators to their site, a start has been made with the paving cost calculator and the excavated spoil cost.

The point is made however that these building materials calculators and estimators should be used for guidance only.

Of course Source4me remain dedicated experts in the sourcing and supply of specialist and hard to locate Building Materials & Supplies Sourcing, as well as providing an urgent requirement service throughout the UK.

Source4me makes no charge for submitting an enquiry and obtaining a quotation, via the online form, email or telephone 0845 803 7769. 

The author is married with daughters of 4years and another of 3 weeks, he is a builder and developer.

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