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The Perfect Online Marketing Tool for Home Businesses


By Ekwa.com Management
SB Informer Contributing Author
Wednesday, July 18, 2007; 04:38 AM

Today most home businesses suffer from poor marketing of their products and by carrying out poor viral marketing strategies. Ekwa (www.ekwa.com) is a specially designed package that can help both new and existing businesses implement their online marketing campaigns in a smarter way to generate more leads and in turn make more money. ekwa is very user-friendly and has a number of features that will help you grow your business and retain your current customers.

So, what’s special about ekwa and how does it differ from all the other products? ekwa offers users a wide range of features such as blogs, photo albums, testimonials, news updates, resource options and managing products. In addition, all of these features easily combine to help you grow your business quickly, efficiently and virally.

Here is a glimpse of the features ekwa can offer you. Let’s see how they can help you to grow your business.

§ Blogs – Blogs help you to promote your products and communicate with your clients regarding your business or any topic of interest. They will further enable you to promote your business to millions of users around the world.

§ Photo Albums – pictures and photo albums allow you to share the most fascinating moments about you and your business with others. One look at one photo can turn an interested customer into a buying customer.

§ Testimonials – Recommendations from satisfied customers are the best form of advertising you can use to marketing your business. Ask everyone to leave a testimonial about you, your business or your products and use them to grow your business virally.

§ News – ekwa provides you with the opportunity to manage different types of news such as event marketing, product introductions, trade shows and grand openings. Use this option to keep your visitors well informed.

§ Upload Resources – With your ekwa account, you can upload different resources ranging from wallpapers about your business to movie files to power point presentations. Share them with your community to encourage more people to visit your ekwa.com website.

As you can see, a viral marketing website at ekwa.com is the perfect addition to any business, whether new or established. But, I have saved the best news for last! Now you can have the new version of ekwa, ekwa lite, absolutely FREE. All of the great features we have talked about can be yours without spending even one penny. So why wait when you can get all this and much more for free? Sign up today at www.ekwa.com, receive your FREE ekwa lite account and start growing your business like never before.

ekwa.com has made viral marketing success even easier by offering everyone a FREE ekwa Light website. Visit http://www.ekwa.com today and start marketing your business the smart way through blogs, articles, photos and more.



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