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Atomic Mall - Where Buyers Sell & Sellers Buy

With Zero listing fees, zero subscription fees, free setup, free Storefront and free promotion, AtomicMall.com is poised to rapidly gain ground on the big auction sites.

July 3, 2008; 02:40 AM

/24-7PressRelease/ - YAKIMA, WA, July 03, 2008 - The newest and "coolest" online shopping destination hit the web today. Its name is Atomic Mall, and users are buzzing.

AtomicMall.com opened its virtual doors to the shopping public on July 1st, 2008. After 6 months of testing and development, the founder feels it is finally ready for real-world use, and is thrilled at the reviews and feedback received by the site's Charter Members, who have been testing and using the web site for nearly three months.

Owner/founder Mike Shannon says, "Our goal from the outset was to provide a safe, friendly shopping community that treats Buyers and Sellers as 100% equals, and lets them interact with no barriers to impede success."

Shannon, a 20-year e-commerce veteran who likes to point out that he was "selling products online before anyone even knew the term 'worldwide web'", is an owner of multiple successful retail sites, as well as a past high-volume seller on several large e-shopping sites. He comments, "One of our primary objectives in creating AtomicMall.com, was to foster an atmosphere of goodwill and friendliness - sort of a throwback to the early days of online commerce, when corporate interests didn't interfere with the ability of small merchants to grow their operations, and freely trade with each other." Judging from some of the comments on their chat board, affectionately known as the "Atomic Mall Community BBS" (http://atomicmall.proboards50.com), their objective is being realized, as response to the site has been overwhelmingly positive.

Some of Atomic Mall's features:

* Completely free listing - list 1 item or 10,000, all at no cost
* No setup, subscription, click-thru, premium placement or marketing fees
* Free submission to Google Shopping, Oodle and other shopping comparison sites
* Competitive final sale fees - Sellers only pay a fee if their item sells
* Bulk Uploader for ultra-fast listing
* Single shopping cart allows Buyers to purchase from several Sellers at once
* Free storefront with in-store search and categories
* Chat instantly with many merchants, for quick answers
* Feedback import
* Secure, easy checkout through Google Checkout and PayPal
* Sellers can achieve "Premium Placement" on the site simply by earning good feedback

And coming soon, AtomicMall.com will allow Sellers to "import" their existing auctions or fixed-price ads from other sites easily, as well as offer the option for Buyers to make offers or "negotiate" with Sellers.

For Sellers who don't have the ability to pay large sums up front just to get their products seen (with no guarantee of sale), Atomic Mall is a viable option, as there is zero risk to opening a storefront and posting ads. For Buyers who are searching for the best prices on unique items, Atomic Mall offers a great selection combined with the low prices afforded by the site's lower final sale fees.

Stop by, pull up a chair and relax! Atomic Mall is low-key, friendly, and inviting. The owner likes it that way. :-)


About Atomic Mall

Atomic Mall is an online Marketplace where you can Buy and Sell virtually anything! Backed by an online commerce veteran of 20+ years in the e-tail trenches, and a team of skilled programmers and network security gurus, Atomic Mall has evolved into a feature-rich e-commerce gathering place where Sellers and Buyers from around the globe can meet and interact.

Our mission: To make online shopping fun again!

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