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Idea Café Announces Winner of Small Business Cash Grant

July 27, 2009; 08:30 AM

IdeaCafe.com, a top-rated website for small business, announced the winner for its seventh small-business grant, The Entrepreneurial Spirit 2009 Grant. Go Green Go won the $1,000.00 grant by receiving the most votes from Idea Café regulars.

With its original concept of promoting eco-awareness and social responsibility through unique T-shirts, Go Green Go has instantly grabbed the hearts of Idea Café regulars. Supported by 25 % of all voters, the company unequivocally made it to the top of the 50 finalists competing for this grant.

Go Green Go, creates T-shirts that promote eco-friendly activities, such as walking, hiking, biking, sailing, etc. These T-shirts act as walking billboards- not only do they raise the awareness of the need to preserve the environment but they also promote eco-friendly initiatives. The company’s logo is a "little green guy" carrying the earth, and the tag line is "Saving the Earth One Shirt at a Time". Go Green Go business is part of a great, new trend to change people's lives, and make this world a better place for everyone.

Go Green Go will pass on their business wisdom and entrepreneurial spirit to Idea Café regulars through monthly updates, posted on Idea Café blog.

Go Green Go is the seventh winner of Idea Café cash grant. The previous grant winner, WOMbeat!, is well known for her insightful reports and useful tips. Another exceptional business owner, Leah Larson, not only won Idea Cafe grant but went on to win the $100,000.00 Wells Fargo's Someday Stories contest. Yet another Idea Café grant winner, Percy Marchand and his company, Marchand Ink, have been featured in The London Times and New Orleans Magazine. "Winning this grant propelled me into a spiral of success and accolades," commented Percy in one of his updates for Idea Cafe.

Idea Café’s Eighth Small Business Grant is now open for applications. If you have a great business idea, get the details and apply at IdeaCafe's Exclusive Small Business Grant Center now.

About Idea Café
Idea Café (http://www.ideacafe.com) provides an extensive range of free services, well-written articles and other information aimed at helping small businesses get started and succeed. That includes everything from how to start a business and obtain financing, to tips for accounting, marketing, finding and keeping customers, marketing on the Internet, and more. IdeaCafe.com has been online since 1995 and is known for its popular CyberSchmooze forums, where small business owners, startup entrepreneurs and experts share questions, information and provide objective feedback. They have a well-established base of contributing business experts, plus a large base of loyal readers, who rely on them for new ideas and practical help running their businesses. To find out more about Idea Cafe, visit www.ideacafe.com.

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