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How To Plan Your Small Business Growth With Free Tools
February 06, 2019
Starting your own small business can be incredibly challenging. In addition to setting up your business operations, you also need to market your product or service, find clients and support them. If this were not enough, a small business owner is also expected to take care of funding, accounting and payroll for employees.

How To Do Your Revenues In One Year
October 30, 2017
Earlier this year, a New Jersey based banking organization surveyed over 550 small businesses to understand the biggest challenges they faced. Not surprisingly, three out of the top four challenges had to do with money.

How To Hire A Sales Associate For Your Business
March 09, 2017
A lot of business owners tend to assume that their product speaks for itself. So while they invest a lot of resources into marketing their product and increasing its visibility, sales is often an afterthought.

Millennials in the Workplace: How to Deal with an Increasingly Mobile and Connected Work Environment
August 10, 2016
It’s no surprise to many that millennials have far surpassed Generation X in the workforce, in terms of numbers. One in every three workers is a millennial today, shifting the way that professionals define work ethic, habits, and norms within office culture. Generation Y has also changed the way that Americans define their careers.

Building A Small Business Sales Strategy With Limited Budgets
February 29, 2016
Small business owners often face the classical 'chicken and egg' problem while building a growth strategy. Growth is not possible unless you expand your resources, which one may not have without higher revenues/growth. This is a major reason why very few businesses manage to break the shackles and establish themselves as medium or large businesses. This does not however mean that it is not possible. Businesses with aggressive growth strategies often focus on profit centers like marketing and sales with lesser focus on cost centers like R&D.

How Little Startups Score Mammoth Client
July 06, 2015
There are many startups that have begun as little more than garage projects. These projects bloomed into multi-billion-dollar powerhouses that today have established their brands as household names. They now offer scholarships, some of the best working conditions in the world, and an incredible engine that drives other businesses to create wealth in ways they couldn’t have done so until now.

The Small Business Owners' Guide To Technology
June 29, 2015
If you are a small business owner who still thinks it is okay to not have a website or accept inquiries over email, then think again. A study by Motorola Solutions has found that nearly 39% of instances where a consumer walks out of a store without buying was influenced by smartphones. With smartphones becoming nearly ubiquitous, consumers no longer purchase a product or hire a contractor without comparing prices and checking reviews.

Here’s Why Your Business Should Already Be on the Cloud
February 19, 2015
Nowadays, moving to the cloud is no longer just an option. For many, it is one of the important solutions in achieving efficiency. It is not just about cost cutting or about going along with the trend. While there are many reasons for transitioning to the cloud, the following are among the most important.

How To Set Up Your Business Marketing Calendar
April 08, 2014
Marketing is one of the most important activities performed by a business. It helps you understand the psyche of your potential customer, craft a communication that they can relate to, and take the communication through a platform that will help you reach out to the right audience. Regardless of your business size, the core components that go into marketing a business are more or less the same.

How I Saved Over $5000 In Business Expenditures Every Month
December 18, 2013
A lot of businesses I know claim success reporting several thousand dollars in revenue every month. However, most of these businesses also bleed an equal amount of money in business expenditures so much so that they make little to no profit. As much as revenues are significant, the thing that matters most is profits - without profit, you cannot take money home as a businessman.



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