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Wall Street Conventional Wisdom and Stock Market Corrections
November 14, 2007
There is an Investment Mindset Solution for the problems that most people have dealing with corrections.

The Investor's Creed and Your Investment Portfolio
October 29, 2007
Wall Street analysts and investment commentators squander millions of words in their daily explanations for, every movement, every turn, and every bump along the ride.

Ishares and ETFs: Pushing the DJIA Toward the Cliff
July 19, 2007
How many of you remember the immortal words of P. T. Barnum? Of Yogi Berra?

Stock and Bond Trading as a Conservative Investment Strategy
June 01, 2007
Trading is the world's oldest form of commercial activity, and it is unfortunate that it is treated with such disrespect by our dysfunctional tax code.

An Investor's Eye View of the Corporate Income Tax
May 15, 2007
Just as Congress picks corporate pockets, Corporations pick those of their shareholders.

Investment Politics 2008: What's (left) In Your Wallet?
May 14, 2007
Ten Soap Boxes for Investors!

Dealing With Stock Market Corrections: Ten Do's and Don'ts
March 08, 2007
Stock Market realities need to be dealt with quickly, decisively, and with zero hindsight.

Year End Investment Ideas and Tax Strategies
December 18, 2006
First thing Monday morning I'm going to march into my boss's office and demand a pay cut

What Social Security Trust Fund: Fire the Politicians!
October 10, 2006
There is no "Social Security Trust Fund"... no investments and no Investment Managers.



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