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Google Launches Custom Search for Small Businesses

Maria Mitsova
July 19, 2007

Google Inc. has unveiled its new Custom Search tool for small businesses to install on their websites and thus facilitate visitors in finding the information they need. By adding Custom Search businesses can increase conversion rates and increase usability of their websites.

To install the Custom Search Business Edition, businesses have to complete the short setup wizard and copy and paste a snippet of code into their site. There is no need to manage the search engine once it is added to your website.

With Custom Search Business Edition advertisements are excluded from search results that regularly appear in the free version of the Custom Search Engine. Thus your visitors are more likely to stay on your website.

You can choose to customize the format of search results and integrate results into applications by using the in XML API, which will enable you to access the raw search results for your query in XML format, including the URL and description text.

You can add refinement labels to your website, which allows your visitors to narrow their search. By clicking a refinement label the users get more specific search results for their queries.

Custom Search also provides basic reporting, which give you with information about how many and what people visit your site.

The Custom Search costs $100 per year for websites of less than 5,000 web pages, and $500 per year for websites between 5,000 and 50,000 web pages.


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