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Microsoft Updates Office Live Small Business

February 25, 2008

Now Microsoft makes it possible for small businesses to take advantage of online marketing techniques, drive traffic and sales. The Store Manager e-commerce tool, e-mail marketing feature, and the updated adManager search marketing tool are now available at low cost.


Through its modernized web portal Microsoft strives to facilitate small business to effectively deploy their marketing strategy and online sells. The new features include Store Manager e-commerce tool which enables small business to sell products not only on their own Web sites but also on eBay, and E-mail Marketing beta tool which assists in sending e-mails, newsletters and promotions.

The improved 2.0 version of Microsoft Office Live Small Business is aimed at small business owners, who intend to establish solid Internet presence, especially now, when the consumers' tendency to search for products and services online is permanently growing.

Building of Web site nowadays is possible even if you are not very skillful and highly technical. Microsoft provides easy-to-use tools for creation of free web site for your business with 500 megabytes of storage. The design of your new site can be completely customized according to your needs and preferences.

Another Site-traffic Reporting Tool illustrates graphs of your site's traffic over the time as well as where your visitors are coming from and how they use your site. Updated reports include extra information about Store Manager, adManager and E-mail marketing beta.

Microsoft offers to its customers domain and business e-mail accounts free of charge for the first year and with $15 fee for each following year. Business e-mail now includes 100-branded accounts, each with 5 GB of storage.

Contact Manager is the tool that tracks every contact with each customer maintaining a running dialogue throughout the customer relationship. It makes it possible to check the status of your accounts and sales opportunities. This tool provides automatic e-mail messaging facility and is free.

Document Manager allows you to store important company documents in one central location and to easily access them on the Web.

With the help of Store Manager functionality ($39.95 per month) you can build online store and eBay listings. It is an easy way to quickly start selling products. Another helpful thing is that it accepts credit card payments, generates invoices, and sends purchase confirmation e-mails. Generated real-time sales reports keep you on top of your revenue and orders.

E-mail Marketing allows you to send professional-looking newsletters, promotional offers, product launch announcements, and company updates. (200 e-mails per month are free and 5 cents per e-mail beyond them). You can track the progress of your campaign through detailed reports.

adManager search marketing tool enables you to advertise in multiple search engines, including MSN, Live Search, Ask.com, and many more and to target people already searching for the products and services you sell.

Microsoft Office Small Business is currently available in the U.S., U.K., France, Germany and Japan.

More information about Office Live Small Business can be found on the home page of the service.


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