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AdSense Optimization Tips

April 07, 2009

Some web site owners are pretty successful with AdSense while others are still trying to get the best out of it. Since every site is different, you should experiment with different ad layouts, color blending and ad formats as long as you get the maximum results. Sometimes, even slight change in the position or the unit size might dramatically increase the click ratio.

It is considered that the best performing ad unit for AdSense is 300×250 because of its great popularity among advertisers and its support of rich media. For text only ads, it is recommendable the 336×380 format.

Positioning the ads in the places with greater visibility and the highest clicking probability will certainly bring best results. Majority of the web visitors simply leave the page after a quick glance. A research shows that while scanning the page, their eyes follow a F-shaped pattern for reading web content. You can therefore make a productive use of these findings by placing your Google ads on the right spots.

A common practice is to insert ad units somewhere in the middle and at the bottom of long articles. Why? When readers come to the end, they will probably look for additional resources or related information to continue reading.

Along with the placement, other things must be also kept in mind to increase the click ratio, such as color blending of ads, keywords in content, number of impressions, visits etc.

It is well known that AdSense works best if there are no borders and when the background color of the ads matches with the background of the page. There are exceptions as well. Sometimes colored backgrounds can convert better.

In order to receive relevant AdSense ads on your blog which will ultimately increase your AdSense click thru rate, make sure that your page title, meta description and keywords are chosen carefully.

And so, once you choose where to place your new ad on the page, you should test the AdSense layout tracking how your visitors interact with the content. Subscribing to CrazyEgg, a professional mouse tracking service will give you a clear picture of your readers’ behavior.

For more tips, take a look at the video below. The ProBlogger, Darren Rowse talks about his expirience with AdSense.


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