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Webpreneur Skeptic Joins Passport to Wealth


By Chris J. Ethen
SB Informer Contributing Author
Thursday, August 16, 2007; 04:50 AM

Upon seeing the catchy ads and reading the exciting testimonials, your interest is immediately captured. You read it over again and again. You ponder and you awe at the possibilities before you. But then, you are confronted by doubt, thinking that it can’t be real—Earning Insane Cash Income without selling, making phone calls, going to meetings or closing deals… “It’s just a catchy ploy to get me to spend my hard-earned money”, you think. Well, I thought that too, I have to say. But, the difference between most people and me is that I researched Passport to Wealth and the people involved. I sought out the most successful team, and I went to them; and I’m so glad I did. Let me tell you, I am not disappointed. I’ve been a member less than a month now. I’ve got 50 subscribers, and I haven’t spoken to a one. Now, I’m not trying to brag; I’m just telling it like it is.

I hope reading this gets you excited about the possibilities ahead! Now, I know you understand that excitement alone, won’t pay the bills or finance your future. You want to get involved, and you should get involved. So, I want you to feel 100% comfortable, and join me in this awesome business today. I understand completely that it’s important to know with whom you’re getting involved, and what my team and I can do for you. So, I prepared a short bio that explains my mindset, my background and my character. What you’ll find is that I’m probably just like you—a bit skeptical at times, but always looking for an opportunity to come my way.

My name is Chris Ethen. I’m a middle aged, 20-year USAF Veteran. I’ve been an employee with a steady paycheck since I was legally able to work. I’m college educated, and at this time I’m in a Graduate Program to earn my Master’s Degree in Management and Logistics. All the while, I’m professionally employed as a site service engineer subcontracting for a large semiconductor manufacturing firm.

I have been in and out of other business opportunities over the years—mostly network marketing. However, I was never able to fully integrate them into my life. I had access to the best products, pills & potions, and it was like pulling teeth to get them sold, or sponsor down lines. So, I sit here, even today, with boxes & boxes of product that will last me ‘till I’m old and gray.

From all accounts, Passport to Wealth isn’t like other business opportunities. It’s not one of those businesses that’ll nickel & dime me to death with group meetings, reference material & audio tapes. It’s quite the opposite; a simple plan that delivers daily $1,000 paychecks. There are two ways I look at this grand opportunity. First, I think of how long it would’ve taken to sell $1,000 worth of merchandise in those other programs. Then, I think of how much money I’ve spent on college tuition & books with no guarantee of future earnings. In fact, the $997 I spent was less than the price of one university course. With these things in mind, it was a no-brainer to join Passport to Wealth.

I think one of the best advantages of joining Passport to Wealth is the step-by-step process that immediately supercharges growth. It’s a complete systematic program designed to attract people, and keep their interest and attention by using catchy opt-in pages and effective auto responders. In fact, I will make this same system available to everyone who signs up with me. Once signed up, participants have access to $75,000 worth of downloadable software, ebooks and marketing materials that create an income explosion! All in all, it’s the successful, automated & turn-key system that attracted me to this unique and prosperous business. And, it was the promise of hope that I could deliver to others that led me to sign up.

Earning $1000 every day is a real occurrence, and many are bringing in much more than that. I’m using my income to help my family, better my life and improve my community. My wife is on track to quit her full time job soon, giving her time to really be a mother and spend more time at home. For me comes a possibility to earn my lifelong educational goals: finish my graduate degree and go on to attain Ph. D’s in Sociology and Business. Finally, I want to have time to give back to my community. In the past, I helped at a local food bank by picking up donations all over the city. I also volunteered as a laborer to build quality and affordable homes for the needy and less fortunate. Surely, I will be able to continue these activities soon. Furthermore, what I look forward to most is helping other people reach their goals and dreams; and I’m happy to say that I can do that now through Passport to Wealth.

If you want to know more about Passport to Wealth, and see how it can change your life too, visit my website, or contact me for more information. Turn up your speakers… www.InsaneCashIncome.com

Again, I’m Chris Ethen, call me at 623-363-3639, or email [email protected]



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