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The Unique Uses of Business Cards
November 04, 2008
When you think about business cards what image immediately comes to mind? For me, it's a basic small piece of paper with a person's name, company name and a couple of addresses and numbers on the front. This is true for most standard business cards.

Offline Strategies for Increasing Web Traffic
July 18, 2008
For many small businesses, their website is their biggest money maker. In fact, many small businesses do not have a brick and mortal, traditional type of store. Instead, they rely solely on sales made through their website.

Some General Brochure Design Tips
July 11, 2008
Forget Your Name It just seems natural to put your business name at the top of your brochure. In fact, most people put their name at the top (or near the top) or all of their promotional material: website, brochure, business card, etc.

Do Not Underestimate the Power of Business Cards
June 03, 2008
Business card printing can be the best marketing tool for large and small companies alike. However, are you using your cards enough to make a difference in profit? Do you know where your target audience is located? Can you obtain new consumers with just one business card?

4 Ways To Build Lasting Relationships with your Customers
May 28, 2008
When running a business you will eventually face a time when a given client relationship has become rocky. This could arise from your company's performance, or it could be related to circumstances completely outside of your control. Whatever the underlying cause the fact remains that the relationship must be saved. There are several techniques which can be employed towards this end.



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