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Create a Landing Page to Convert Ad Clicks into Clients - Part 2

July 09, 2008

The landing page is considered to be a crucial part of every marketing campaign. Marketers claim that the companies which use targeted landing pages are able to almost double the conversion rate compared to ones that use their homepage as the destination for an ad or link.

In case you have missed, here is the first part of the article. If not, you can continue reading.


Define keywords for PPC driven landing pages

When using Pay Per Click advertising to drive traffic, the critical part of planning the landing page remains the keywords selection. The first step is to do a keyword research and make a list of the most appropriate keyphrases relevant to your subject. The chosen keywords need to be the same that your targeted market is searching for. The second step is to group your keywords so that each group answers a particular problem that might arise for your prospects. And the last step is to create a separate page for each group of keyphrases. The content of your landing pages must always reflect the expectations of your visitors; otherwise they are most likely to leave immediately.

Headlines and page title

One of the most important things to consider carefully because of its great potential to impact your conversion rate is the headline and the page title. In case, you are not familiar, the page title is in the bar at the top of your web browser, and the headlines are the biggest piece of text on the page. Headlines should highlight the benefits to the consumer and contain the keywords or phrases you have chosen for your Pay Per Click advertising. Because of their importance they should be positioned at the top left of the screen.


A good combination between valuable content and appealing design will determine the success of your marketing campaign. The purpose of the web design is to catch the visitor’s eye and lead it across the content. Having a well designed page can strongly impact your conversion rate.

The studies in eye tracking show that visitors tend to look at the upper left hand side first, then at the headline and then at the left side of the page. Having this in mind, you should arrange the most important information in these positions as well as in the upper 300 pixels of the page. Another research shows that over half of the visitors will not scroll “below the fold”. If you want to get the most of your landing page keep your most critical page elements and valuable proposals at first screen view.

On the other hand, images are another area that drives visitor’s attention. Try not to distract your visitors with unnecessary images because your time to convince a potential client that you are offering what they need is limited.

The simpler is your design the easier your visitors will be engaged with the page. The experts advise to use a one-column format with a lot of white space in between. To keep your visitors reading it’s better to break up the big paragraphs into smaller ones.

It could sound like a minor detail but the links must be underlined and when describing them you should point out exactly what the visitors will get if they click on it.

Another very important characteristic of a good page is the quick page load time. Try to keep load time under 5 seconds. Your massage must be delivered as quickly as possible to the potential client otherwise he/she will give up waiting. There are plenty of sites (for example iWebTool) offering free tools to test your page load time.

Last but not least, all your marketing materials should follow the similar design. Of course, this is true when it comes to your landing page. If you change your overall advertising campaign, you should change your landing page as well. Creating continuity between your landing page and the other marketing materials is a way to achieve credibility in your customers. The number one reason people point why they don't buy from a site is because it has an unprofessional look and a lack of credibility. Building this trust is essential.

Provide a bonus

Giving out freebies is a common marketing approach and using it on a landing page can turn out to be very effective and carry you a lot of benefits. If you offer, for example, a free newsletter subscription this will allow you to build a relationship over time with your customers. If you mange to acquire the email address of your prospects by giving away freebies you will be able to reach them ensuring follow ups. Thus, the prospects that refused to make a purchase the first time they visit your site, can come back and become customers.


A couple of testimonials will surely help in turning a prospect into a buyer. They are a good means to gain credibility and trust in your product. In order to serve this purpose, testimonials should be made by a real person, with full name written below and real email address for contact and why not having a photo alongside the testimonial. These details will ensure feeling of trust in your prospect.

In Conclusion

Landing pages are a great way to provide your customers with the information they need and to convert web clicks into clients. There is no doubt, it is worth creating a dedicated landing page in order to significantly improve your online marketing efforts.


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