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Entrepreneur.com Introduces Entrepreneur Assist, a Revolutionary Suite of Free Online Applications and Tools


SB Informer
Thursday, August 9, 2007; 01:34 AM

Entrepreneur.com announces the launch of Entrepreneur Assist, a full suite of online productivity tools and services designed to assist entrepreneurs with day-to-day business activities. From the trusted resource for entrepreneurs worldwide, Entrepreneur Assist provides more real-life solutions to the challenges of starting and growing a business.

By registering at http://assist.entrepreneur.com/, entrepreneurs can access all the tools on Entrepreneur Assist for free, which include word processing, spreadsheet and presentation programs; business plan templates; hundreds of customizable business forms; a full library of downloadable business books, a project planning calendar and more.

In a time of increasingly global business operations, Entrepreneur Assist also enables business owners to easily share, store and collaborate on any number of documents online with employees and coworkers.

"Entrepreneur Assist helps business owners maximize their productivity and collaborate on projects from wherever they or their business associates are," says Dave Pomije, VP of site development at Entrepreneur.com. "No other business website offers such a wide-ranging package of tools-let alone at no cost. But for the past 11 years we've dedicated ourselves to getting entrepreneurs what they need, and Entrepreneur Assist is another step in deepening the fulfillment of that mission."

Purchased individually, the package of resources from Entrepreneur Assist could cost well over a thousand dollars-money that could be allocated to other business investments. Instead, all Entrepreneur Assist registered users get complete access in one central location for free-helping them schedule personal and team meetings, events and reminders; create text documents, spreadsheets and presentations; and bookmark Entrepreneur articles and other vital information on the web.

Individuals can personalize Entrepreneur Assist to use one or all of the programs and resources to manage their business operations. The programs are derived from a strategic alliance with Zoho, a top developer of online applications such as Zoho Writer, Zoho Sheet and Zoho Show-which are used in Entrepreneur Assist.

"Entrepreneur Assist is going to open a lot of eyes for website visitors and website owners alike," says Raju Vegesna, Zoho evangelist. "It confirms that a viable, evolutionary path for a content king like Entrepreneur is to create a content kingdom, where users cannot only find quality content, but also create, share and modify content. And our online office applications help Entrepreneur stay ahead of the online curve and maintain its reputation as a premier business destination on the web."

To take a brief tour of Entrepreneur Assist and register to get started, visit http://assist.entrepreneur.com/.

About Entrepreneur Media Inc.

Entrepreneur Media Inc. is the premier content provider for and about entrepreneurs. Our products engage and inspire every day with the advice, solutions and resources that fuel the bold and independent way entrepreneurs think.

After 30 years, nobody reaches more growing businesses. As the original magazine for the small and midsize business community, Entrepreneur continues to be the definitive guide to all the diverse challenges of business ownership. Entrepreneur.com is the most widely used website by entrepreneurs and emerging businesses worldwide. Entrepreneur Press publishes the books that turn entrepreneurial skills into business success.

To learn more, visit http://www.entrepreneur.com/.

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