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Does Your HR Software Need an Update?
April 08, 2014
Human resources software does much of the work in the HR department, especially for those that run small businesses and have their hands full with a variety of tasks.

Who Gets a Raise in the Office?
January 28, 2014
Many small businesses are wondering not just who to give raises to, but how their finances and benefit packages will change with the 2014 healthcare changes through Obamacare.

Starting a Small Business in Canada
January 13, 2014
When you think about it, setting up even just a small business in Canada may seem intimidating. In order to guide you in your goal of starting a business, this article will provide you some simple pointers that you should always keep in mind.

Recycle That Small Business Budget
December 16, 2013
When you are running a small business and are on a budget, every little bit of money saved makes a big difference. If you choose to incorporate recycling in your business, you are not only helping to save the environment, but helping with your business budget as well.

Book the Right Software for Your New Small Business
December 09, 2013
One thing to consider is how you will handle vendors, invoices and accepting or sending payments. This is done with bookkeeping software, which combines bookkeeping and accounting practices.

Getting Behind on Your Collections
December 04, 2013
The central goal or idea behind a small business is to generate money. As a part of generating money, you are required to collect payments from your customers. However, some people get behind when it comes to collecting money.

Get Online With the Right Business Accounting Software
December 02, 2013
Accounting software is an essential type of software on your computer that lets you manage the financial and payroll side of your small business.

5 Must-Haves for a Background Check
November 13, 2013
If your small business has decided to implement background checks into your hiring plan, which is a sound and solid decision, you are going to want to look for these five top things.

5 Reasons Your Small Business Needs a Secretary
November 04, 2013
Small businesses frequently look for ways to cut costs in order to maximize revenue. There are many ways to do this, including reducing the number of positions within the business.

Keys to Saving Money on Office Space
October 23, 2013
If you own a small business then you're most likely aware that affordable office space can be difficult to come by. The key is to be patient before you choose to lease space for more money than you can afford. If you become financially obligated to pay for office space you can't afford, then you can stand the chance of losing money.

Guarding Your Business against Cyber Attacks
October 08, 2013
Many cyber criminals like to target small business. These cyber attacks are often small transactions, so small that until they have added up a business owner doesn't always notice them. For cyber criminals it isn't about one huge haul, it's about the big picture.

5 Small Business Tax Write-Offs You Really Need
September 11, 2013
All season is tax season for owners of small business. No matter what you're doing, you should stop and take stock of all the tax write-offs you may have missed.

Will Constant Layoffs Give My Small Business a Bad Rap?
July 23, 2013
Being on the employee’s side, it is stressful when you never know how long you can keep your job. But it is also difficult for employers who don’t want to lose their employees, but feel like there is no other choice.

5 Keys to Opening a Successful Home Small Business
July 10, 2013
Opening your own small business from home may seem intimidating, but you can make it successful if you start off on the right foot. Consider all of the different factors associated with owning your own business and working from your home office, including what distractions you might experience, paying business taxes and hiring employees.

Can My Small Business Be Sued for Age Discrimination?
July 08, 2013
As a small business, you keep an eye on all your liabilities. You make sure that your place of work is safe, that your hours aren't overbearing, and that you have all the necessary items for a good work environment. When hiring, you're careful not to ask the wrong questions or give the hint of impropriety.

Is Unemployment Costing Me an Arm and a Leg?
July 03, 2013
Wondering if the source of your small business troubles is your unemployment costs? Are you diving in deep and don't know where to start cutting costs? There are ways to make sure that you are doing all you can to limit the amount of money that is going toward unemployment compensation.

Building Your Brand One Link at a Time
June 12, 2013
When trying to build your brand, getting links to your website or blog is one of the major avenues to getting noticed. But, how do you get these links?

Can My Small Business Avoid Bankruptcy?
June 10, 2013
There are many small businesses that try to make a go of it each year, many of which fail within their first five years. There are some that say it is just luck of the draw whether your business will succeed or fail, however there are some very real things that you can do to keep your business out of bankruptcy.

Is It Time to Go to HR?
June 05, 2013
When you work in a company, you may come across people that feel they are allowed to take whatever they want from the workplace; pens, staplers, reams of paper, or other supplies for home use.

Are You Taking Credit for Avoiding Business Fraud?
May 17, 2013
Credit fraud can happen to anyone. Small business owners are a big target for credit thieves. While individuals are often targeted, the small business owner stands to take a huge hit when a credit thief takes their identity. The business can be ruined if a credit thief funnels funds into another bank account, sends out blank checks, or runs a scam using the business name and information.

Should I Let My Employees Telecommute?
May 13, 2013
Employees are enjoying the comforts of home more than ever while they work in the 21st Century. More employers are allowing employees to telecommute due to a number of reasons. There are some jobs where it can be hard to telecommute, but with technology heavy jobs, it's almost a no-brainer.

How Does My Business Handle a Sexual Harassment Allegation?
May 08, 2013
Sexual harassment is a huge topic. Not only is the topic a hot button, but allegations of such harassment is important to handle right away.

Make It Your Business to Stop Costly Leaks
April 29, 2013
Water leaks can waste tens of thousands of gallons of water a year and raise your company’s utility bills. If the leak has progressed and started to damage the surrounding wall, floor, or ceiling, there is even additional monies wasted in replacement cost.



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