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Why Have You Avoided Mobile Marketing?

Dave Thomas,
Игорь Ïàíêîâ

March 12, 2015

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Running a small business means wearing a variety of hats.

If you’re hopefully one of those successful small companies out there, it is likely that marketing has played a role in getting you to where you are at.

On the flip side, if you have been struggling to ring-up those dollars, perhaps your marketing game has been lacking?

No matter which side of the fence you are on, make this the year that you take your marketing game to new heights.

Mobility is the Key

In order to take your marketing game and your small business for that matter up a notch or two, there are several reasons why mobile marketing should be part of your repertoire, including:

  1. Where consumers are at – Many more consumers are part of the mobile marketing game than even a year ago at this time. Whether you are marketing phone carrier plans, auto insurance, real estate, any number of other products or services, a large swath of consumers await you on their mobile devices;

  2. Mix and match – Just because you invest time and money in mobile marketing does not mean you can’t use some of the more traditional means of promoting your brand. Marketing methods such as flyers, emails, newspaper/radio/TV ads and more can still be part of your plan. With the mobile component, you’re putting yourself in front of millions of eyes, the eyes of shoppers who could buy something from you in a moment’s notice;

  3. Up to date specials – What consumers does not like to be treated like they’re your favorite customer? With mobile marketing in play, you can reach out to customers (with their approval of course) on their mobile devices regarding specials you are offering, discounts during the holidays and other times of the year, information on new products and services and much more. The sooner they get the details, the closer you are to landing another potential sale;

  4. Keeping check with the competition – Lastly, having a solid mobile component to your marketing endeavors allows your small business to stay up to speed or surpass your competition. While many small businesses have turned to mobile marketing as part of their brand promotions, others are still a bit out in the dark over it. Look to capitalize on those still not getting mobile marketing, permitting you to scoop up some more sales.

If mobile marketing has not been a big feature of your small business in recent times, how about giving it a true and tested shot this time around?


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