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Setting A Budget And Sticking To It Is Imperative
August 14, 2008
by Cindy kuecz
You’ve finished the first year of your business and sit down with your accountant to look at your books. The books say you made quite a bit of money this first year, but where did it all go? How in the world did you spend all that money? This is a question many business owners face at the end of their fiscal year. What do you do to maintain a better grasp on your finances? Sit down and design a budget that fits your business and then stick to it!

What You Should Look for in a Business Tax Attorney
October 10, 2007
by Clifford Ribner
No one plans to rack up tens of thousands of dollars of debt with the IRS when they open their business. Most of these problems start small. Little things, like maybe forgetting taxes for one or two payroll periods. Eventually things spiraled out of control. Now you're up to your eyeballs in debt to the IRS with no idea where to turn for help.

Capital Gains Tax - Improved Concessions for Small Business
July 30, 2007
by David Natenzon
The Bill will improve the access of small business to a number of Capital Gains Tax (CGT) concessions. These enhancements are the Government’s response to recommendations by the Board of Taxation.

Hit Hard by Taxes This Year? You Need to Start a Home-Based Business NOW
June 05, 2007
by Marsha Friedman
When April 15th rolled around this year, did you feel like you’d been sucker punched by the IRS? You’re not alone.

Learn to Audit-Proof Your Tax Records
February 15, 2007
by Drew Miles
It is important that you are making the most of the 300 tax deductions that are available to business owners. However, you must be sure you are keeping keeping good records to avoid an audit by the IRS. Learn to shift the burden of proof and avoid the hefty fees and penalties.

Ten Golden Tax Deduction Secrets
February 07, 2007
by Drew Miles
While there are over 300 tax deductions available to business owners that can save you thousands of dollars, it can be a daunting task to identify the ones that are applicable to your situation. Here are my ten favorite deductions that make an excellent place to start saving money on your taxes.

Get Ready to Overpay Your Taxes...Again
January 17, 2007
by Drew Miles
Tax season is upon us again, and the majority of Americans will end up losing much more of their income to taxes than they need to. Start learning how to keep more of what you make with simple tax deduction strategies can save you thousands of dollars in taxes per year.

Legitimate Home Based Businesses and The Tax Department
November 24, 2006
by Elias Georgi
There are a number of steps that must be followed when you set up your home based business to ensure that it is legitimate and that you do not contravene some of the local and federal laws.

What Social Security Trust Fund: Fire the Politicians!
October 10, 2006
by Steve Selengut
There is no "Social Security Trust Fund"... no investments and no Investment Managers.

Tax Deferral Power and Protection
July 25, 2006
by Jeffrey S. McLeod
What is a Tax-Deferred Annuity? A tax-deferred annuity is a contract between you and the insurance company with guaranteed interest and guaranteed annuity income options. There are no upfront sales charges or administrative fees during the life of your contract.

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