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How Can I Make My Small Business Financially Sound?
March 29, 2013
by Dave Thomas
With the economy still on treacherous ground, small business owner can’t simply dismiss opportunities that arise to save money. That being said, what are some of your efforts you plan to deploy in 2013 in order to reduce your company expenses?

Angel Investors
March 13, 2009
by Robin Robin Cross Cross
Finding the right angel investor could help you get your start-up off the ground. Angel-investor networks are a good place to start looking for funding. These national and local groups of angels meet -- formally or informally -- to discuss deals and learn about the best new business opportunities

7 Biggest Mistakes in Raising Startup Capital
March 04, 2009
by Robin Robin Cross Cross
Many financing efforts fail because of some of these simple, and avoidable mistakes that business owners make when pitching their ideas to potential lenders or investors

How to Find Funding for Your Start Up Non Profit
August 21, 2008
by William Hign
What do you do if you are starting your non profit? You've got all your legal paperwork, but the big question: where will you get the money to run it?

New Book Offers Practical Tips for Success in the Fast-Changing World of Government Grants
July 17, 2008
by Deepak Khanna
A new book The Grant Authority provides a practical grant guide to the complex world of government grant writing.

How To Win Small Business Grants
April 09, 2008
by Irish Taylor
A government grant is an option to obtain start up financing for a business. However, not everyone is qualified to get a business grant. Usually, grants are given only for specific groups or specific industries of business. In addition, government grants make use of specific guidelines before providing business funds.

Industrial Equipment Financing
April 07, 2008
by Chris Fletcher
Industrial equipments include heavy machinery which is indispensable for day to day operation of any industry or company.

Tips For Managing Your Business Finances
March 27, 2008
by Gabriel J. Adams
Managing your business finances is extremely important and because it requires different expertise. Realistically, most business owners will require professional guidance to properly manage their business finances. The two most important associates for you to retain will be an accountant and banker.

How To Start An Online Scrapbooking Business
February 20, 2008
by Andy Josiah Josiah
When starting your online home business regardless of what ever field you might be in you can defiantly use all the assistance you can find and the federal government can be a fantastic source for getting that assistance. You may probably wonder in what specific ways can they assist you in getting started. Here are some areas that the government offers assistance in getting your new online home business up and running.

Help Yourself With Internet Banking Websites
December 07, 2007
by Terry Detty
Is the nature of business forcing customers to use internet banking? Or, is there something in it for the customers?

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