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20 Things You Should Know About Your Client
October 24, 2014
by Monica Wells
If you think you already found out all you need to know about your clients, you had better read these questions carefully. Reconsider devoting some time to researching your clients more and ask them about some of the issues below straightforwardly once you have the opportunity to do so.

Do Your Own Business Valuation - Part 1
July 03, 2009
by David Coffman
Series of articles designed to help small business owners do their own business valuation. Part 1 is an introduction to basic business valuation concepts.

Sell A Franchise
June 04, 2009
by Patrick Jennings
To sell a franchise you will have to get the cooperation and assistance of your franchisor. Here are 7 items in your franchise agreement that may affect your sale.

Selling A Business
May 19, 2009
by Patrick Jennings
Selling a business requires you to do a lot of little things right. But just as importantly, there are a few key mistakes you need to avoid. These are the four mistakes I see seller make most often.

Why Buying An Established Business Is Smarter Than Starting A New One
October 30, 2008
by M Burris
Learn the Pros and Cons of Buying a Business that is Up and Running as Opposed to A Start-up

Business Purchase Price Allocation
October 23, 2008
by Patrick O'Connor
Business purchase price allocation is necessary following the purchase or sale of a business. The purchaser needs to allocate the total purchase price to establish their books for the purpose of calculating amortization and depreciation

Don't Allow the Business of Credit Card Processing Intimidate You
February 14, 2008
by James Osterman
Web-based businesses that want to accept credit cards but are unsure because of credit card processing fees and practices just need to do a little homework.

Selling Your Business -- Top 7 Ways to Maximize Your Exit Strategy Now for Maximum Profit
February 06, 2008
by Harvey Zemmel
If you want to sell your business for maximum profit, then you need to start planning your exit strategy now. Here's how.

What If Your Business Goes Away?
October 30, 2007
by Yank Elliott
What do you do when the companies you represent in your personal business run into trouble and you end up with nothing to sell? Your business and, worse, your income is gone. What can you do? This article describes what to do immediately to slow down expenses. Then, see what you can salvage from the old business and look for new opportunities.

3 Reasons to Sell Your Business Now for Maximum Profit
October 22, 2007
by Harvey Zemmel
Your business that you poured most of your time, energy, and money into it for what may seem like forever is something you've created.

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