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Are You Building Long-Term Employee Relationships?

Kate Supino

September 18, 2015

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If you're looking for ways to build long-term relationships with your small business’ employees, retirement plans may be one method.

Retirement plans are so attractive to employees that they are typically mentioned as part of the benefits package.

Encouraging your employees to save for retirement helps build loyalty and commitment to your small business.

Here's how:

You're Invested in Them

When you offer an attractive retirement plan to your employees, it signifies that you're invested in them in a long-term way.

The retirement plan doesn't even have to be the best one on the planet. Its very existence communicates that you're committed to the financial stability of the employee, and that you recognize their financial needs.

If you choose not to offer any kind of retirement plan, you're basically saying you don't care one way or the other where they stand in later years; and that won't garner any kind of employee loyalty.

Your Business is Sound

Offering a retirement plan of any kind to your employees indicates that your small business is sound and legitimate.

Employees will, quite rightly, assume that if you've taken the trouble to investigate various retirement plans and come up with one that is affordable to you and advantageous for them, you must be doing all right with the business. Your stability as a business is important to any employee who is seeking long-term employment.

Basically, your retirement plan says long-term, and it will attract long-term employees.

As the following article looks at, if you're looking for 3 ways to build a retirement plan that grows, start early and stay on top of it.

You Care About Their Family

You don't have to have the employee's family over for dinner at your house to show you care.

A retirement plan shows that you care about family values. It's just one of those things that go along with families, swing sets, and mom's apple pie.

In the past, companies had pension funds to take care of their employees and their families.

Now it's your turn as a small business owner to take care of employees and their families with a sound retirement plan. It's the way things work for many businesses in this country. Bosses take care of their extended family - their employees.

If you think it isn't true, watch your employee's face light up when you tell them about the great retirement plan you are offering them.

You Keep up with the Times

Employees like to think that even if they're working for a small business owner, they will have access to an up-to-date retirement plan.

Having something new in place will let them know their trust in your capability to keep up with the times is not unwarranted.

Retirement plan options for small businesses can be confusing and tricky to administer. If you can master it alone you're amazing. Most small business owners opt to have an outside party take care of the administrative tasks involved.

It's worth it to set up a retirement plan if you own a small business, simply for the fact that you will attract employees with an eye toward long-term employment.

Building employee and employer relationships that last is possible.


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