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Build Brand Recognition and Improve Recall with Vanity Toll-free Phone Numbers

Jeanne Landau

September 30, 2015

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With all of the emphasis on marketing to millennials and using multichannel outlets online, it makes it sound as if traditional marketing is dead. This is not the case. How many timed do you pass a billboard while driving, or listen to the radio and encounter an ad? Businesses are still paying for airtime and space and the audience continues to pay attention to traditional media. Do you listen to advertisements between radio shows and find a catchy jingle with vanity toll-free phone numbers? People still call to purchase or inquire about an offer. Researchers in a recent study against standard numerical numbers found that a vanity toll-free numbers achieved 14 times the number of calls than a standard numerical number. Who does not remember 1-800-FLOWERS? It does not matter whether or not you have purchased from the business. As people, it makes more sense to remember a relatable word, rather than an arbitrary set of numbers. Vanity toll-free phone numbers make it easy for people to recall a number and business.

What is a Vanity Toll-Free Number?

According to the FCC, a vanity toll-free number is one that is free for the caller. This number begins with one of six three-digit codes and continues with a personalized word that correlated to the numbers on a dial pad. Those most often used are 800 and 888, but other codes are 877, 866, 855, and 844. Most often it spells the name of a person,  company, or an acronym chosen from a subscriber. Check availability of a specific toll free number with a call to a RespOrg or a toll free service provider.

Why Does the Brain Remember a Word Better Than Numbers?

As a student, you probably used a mnemonic device to help your short-term memory. Vanity phone numbers play upon the mnemonic devices that many of us have used to remember rules or lists. A common word can trigger the rest of the attached information in our memory banks, serving as a hook between the new information and the old. Supposedly, people can remember up to 7 pieces of separate data at a time. Using a word or phrase, such as FLOWERS, can be recalled as a single piece of data, rather than the 7 individual pieces of 3-5-6-9-3-7-7. Unrelated numbers usually mean little to us unless they are the date of an anniversary or a social security number. We can visualize and have had experiences with words and their related objects. Our association of experiences to words is much higher than to strings of digits. This works exceptionally well when people are on the go. Driving and shopping are two times when an audience is less likely to have a pen on hand to take down a phone number. Vanity phone numbers make it easier for interested prospects to hold your information in their heads.

How Does Traditional Marketing Build Brand Recognition?

Your social media campaign is an addendum to your traditional marketing efforts, but you will still need major channels for marketing promotion. Push, or traditional marketing, is still a very real part of the marketing equation. Visual ads build trust and brand recognition. Whether it is a billboard, advertising on television, or on your truck, your visual ads help to identify you and help prospects connect with your company. Vanity phone numbers are often recommended when companies look for suggestions on how to better engage their customers and get more return calls for their campaign efforts. In Why Traditional Marketing Trumps Social Media, And What To Do About It, Forbes still sees traditional marketing as essential for brand recognition. If your company does not have a well-known name, or if you’re just starting out, traditional marketing and a memorable vanity phone number will help your audience get to know you and most importantly, remember you.

What About a Real-life Case Study?

800response works with the leading HVAC company in the Dallas and Fort Worth, Texas Market. The company went to an advertising company in 2010 because callers seemed to have difficulty with their standard numeric contact number. The advertising company recommended a vanity number to assist their broadcast campaign. They have worked with 800response since May 2010, and use two vanity number to differentiate the heating and cooling options for customers. 1-800-NEW-COOL and 1-800-NEW-HEAT answer the cooling and heating needs of customers respectively. The numbers are integrated within all of their traditional marketing from radio to television to company trucks. They have over 250 calls a month coming to their vanity numbers and continue to use vanity numbers to generate interest and build their brand.

Who Has Over 25 years of Experience to Share?

Make it easy for prospects to remember you. 800response maintains the largest range of true vanity 800 numbers available to meet your business and marketing needs. Vanity toll-free phone numbers help businesses increase their response rates and improve ROI from marketing efforts. Do you want more calls from prospects? Contact a representative at 800response to see how easy the change can be.


About the Author

Jeanne Landau has 10+ years of experience leading the marketing, public relations, social media and content programs for 800response. For more than 25 years, 800response has maintained the widest selection of true vanity 800 numbers available today. The company offers these dynamic advertising tools to businesses throughout North America to help them drive increases in advertising response rates, improve ROI, and track cost-per-lead. 800response services include a sophisticated call routing platform, real-time call tracking reports, and call monitoring services like call recording and speech analytics. Visit or call 1-800-NEW-SALE for more information.





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