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Don't Take Security Lightly

Dave Thomas

November 16, 2015

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When it comes to running a small business, there is little to no doubt that you have myriad of important tasks to remember and ultimately achieve.

You could literally put together a laundry-list of the requirements that must be met when overseeing such an operation. Meeting your budgetary needs, promoting your business via marketing and advertising, and making sure you higher the right talent to service customers are all critical needs.

As for that last item, how much time and effort do you put into making sure the people you hire are not only skilled in their positions, but also prove to be honest employees when all is said and done?


Hire Employees You Can Trust

At the end of the day, hiring the type of workers you can ultimately trust should never be taken for granted.

According to a report from CBS News, employee theft is not something to be brushed aside, thinking it can never happen to you and your small business.

So how can you lessen the odds that your company will fall victim to an inside job?

Among the ways to protect your small business:

  • Make smart hires – First and foremost, know who you are hiring. Sure, you will bring some employees on who ultimately will not be the right fit for your business, but those numbers should pale in comparison to all the good folks you hire over time. If you’re not already doing them, background checks should always be part of the hiring process;

  • Secure your surroundings – Just as you might use a service such as ADT Security for securing your home and your family, the same should hold true for your office space. Make sure your workspace (and the entire building if you rent from others or own the building and rent out space to others) is secure. From cameras to having all identification numbers on computers, printers, cell phones etc. stored somewhere, documenting all these items is critical. If by chance there is a break-in at your office and an item or items are stolen, it will be much easier for authorities to track down the stolen merchandise if they have the necessary tracking information on the product;

  • Don’t be overly predictable – Whether they are computer hackers or looking to actually break into your office and take stuff, criminals generally thrive when people are too predictable. In order to avoid such a scenario, don’t use the same passwords for many months or years at a time for both computer access and if you have electronic means to enter and leave your place of business. Also look to have more than once person overseeing things like accounting and I.T. oversight in the office. While you may hesitate to hire multiple people for such needs, it does not hurt to have several eyes reviewing the books and more than one person responsible for keeping your tech needs protected.

In a day and age when crimes against businesses it could be argued are rising due to tough financial times for many people, don’t find your small business becoming the next victim.


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