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Advantages Of Roller Conveyors For Business Efficiency And Speed Of Distribution

James Helliwell

January 28, 2016

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Roller conveyors are a regular fixture in many manufacturing businesses. They are a vital part of the manufacturing process because they simplify the transportation process. Roller conveyors reduce the need for human labour thereby increasing efficiency (which is vital for good business) in the production unit. We spoke with conveyor experts Conveyer Systems Ltd and looked at the benefits of roller conveyors for business efficiency. This is what we found out.

Transportation stability

One of the biggest challenges during the production phase in the manufacturing business is transporting resources in a way that prevents spillage while conserving resources.  Roller conveyors provide a solution to this challenge. Apart from conservation of resources, roller conveyors are versatile and can therefore be used at different steps of the production process.


Roller conveyors can be refitted to function according to the needs of the specific manufacturing process.  The conveyor can be set to function in a single row or in a double row and the carrying capacities can be altered to save energy by only making sure the machine is working at the energy capacity required to lift and transport a specific weight.

Operational and maintenance simplicity

Roller conveyors reduce the need for human labour as they are automated. However, human input is needed to effectively monitor the process.  Standard roller conveyors are simple to operate. Many operators become efficient at managing and supervising the conveyors functions after a few minutes of training. Similarly, the food production business is one where cleaning and maintenance of machinery is vital. Roller conveyors are easy to maintain as the design allows easy access to vital parts. Businesses no longer have to suffer extended downtimes because of routine checks.

Low noise production

Although there are several gears that can be worn by employees in a noisy production plant, high noise leads to increased stress levels. This is the case even when the ear is adequately protected.  Modern roller conveyors are efficient and the noise production is low. This ensures a more comfortable production environment for all parties involved in the production process.

Reduced environmental impact

Roller conveyors are efficient in energy usage and prevent raw material wastage. This makes it a great addition for any manufacturing business looking to reduce their carbon footprint.

There are different classes of roller conveyors. To ensure you are using the right conveyors for your business therefore, you can get free consultation from


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