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Top 7 Social Media Marketing Trends That Will Dominate 2016

Sheena Mathieson

February 10, 2016

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The virtual world makes our lives easier. In the same manner, the social media allows the virtual users to use and enjoy many different opportunities not only for individual benefit but also for businesses. Social media provides lots of options in promoting product and services. Social media marketing offers a lot of opportunities and it’s important to adapt new trends that can be used in your marketing campaign.

Here are the trends in social media marketing that will reign in 2016:

1. Video content

Content marketing most likely will use videos and if you’re thinking of using video content, you should know the different types of video that you can use such as:

  • Educational video – Creating an educational video you’ll have the opportunity educating your audience at the same time marketing your business.
  • Explainer video – This type of video demonstrates to the viewers how they will use the product that you’ve been promoting.
  • Entertaining video – This will make your viewer engaged and entertained. Once your viewers like the video, it will be shared to others.


2. Pay for exposure

Advertising your brand is easier said than done because of the tough competition in the industry. Thus, one of the trends this year is to pay for exposure in order to widen the reach and this is an effective way for social media marketing. You can advertise on different social media networks and increasing Facebook likes, Twitter follower, and Youtube views will make your business succeed.


3. Social shopping

Improving social commerce is a must in 2016 especially in today’s modern world in which most people engage in social shopping. Likewise, the sales of a certain business may increase through social recommendations, thus increasing the revenue. In fact, some social media networks like Twitter and Pinterest are using “buy buttons” that allow customers to purchase directly from these sites.


4. Marketing automation

To make your marketing venture succeed, you should employ marketing automation strategy. The automation software helps businesses to market their product in different channels simultaneously. Using marketing automation software should be considered by small businesses so that they can effectively deliver to their prospects and customers. Using marketing automation software saves you from performing repetitive tasks like sending emails. There are numerous options in marketing automation that’s why marketers should ensure choosing the right one suitable to your needs and won’t break the budget.


5. Facebook

The dominant platform in 2016 will be Facebook, but there would be some changes. If you’re marketing products to people 55 years and older, Facebook can be the best platform. Obtaining more Facebook likes mean that you’re on the right track. In addition, Facebook is also offering new feature the “Instant Articles”. With this, other social media platforms are also implementing in-app functions that can be integrated in social media marketing.


6.  Search

The search engines are commonly used by most people to seek information. But today, most internet users are using different social media sites in searching for information. It’s because social media not only provide text-heavy information but also comments, reviews and feedback from actual users. Thus, if you engage in social media marketing obtaining more Facebook likes, Twitter followers and Youtube views is significant. With this, marketers should find way on how their businesses will be visible both on social media and search engines.


7.  Mobile marketing

Another trend in social media marketing in 2016 is the concept of mobile marketing. Many people are using mobile devices, thus marketers should also consider optimizing their sites making it suitable for mobile users. In the same manner, optimizing mobile marketing is the best way to pass the Google algorithm.

By following those trends, marketers can expect increasing the visibility by dominating the different social media networks and getting more Youtube views and Twitter followers. As long as you’re doing good in your social media marketing practices there’s no need to spend money to gain more visibility. Engaging in social media marketing you should also consider using platform utilizing “buy buttons” as it can help on your advertising campaigns.  Social media marketing trends can guide marketers the right things to do in 2016 to make their business visible and recognized.


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