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Take Your Small Business to the Clouds

Dave Thomas

May 12, 2016

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What is your small business doing to separate itself from the competition? While there are a number of ways to go about this, some stand out more than others. One such way to differentiate your brand from the competitors is turning to the Cloud. In using the Cloud, your company can ascend to new heights.

So, are you ready to take your small business upwards?


Cloud Technology Making a Difference

Among some of the reasons to turn to Washington DC managed cloud services or another such provider in your area:

  • Speed truly does matter – In a world where many small business owners will tell you it feels like they do not have enough hours in a day to get everything done, speed truly does matter. With that being the case, Cloud services give small business heads the ability to zoom along much faster. By being able to streamline their brands, small businesses can meet the needs of clients today and not tomorrow or the next day;

  • Better organization along with improved productivity – Ask just about any small business owner what he or she covets the most from their workers (even themselves if they run one-person companies) and they will focus on being organized, not to mention improving their productivity. Face it; many of today’s clients have myriad of options when it comes to getting the products and services they need, albeit in a timely manner. That said the Cloud can deliver on both fronts. Organizing all of your company’s important data into easy-to-use files can make the brand so much more efficient. Not only is the productivity of your brand improved, but when and where you access your files and other Internet-related items is better too (see more below);

  • Access just got better – How many times have you wished you or your employees had better access to the files and folders you need to do business? With the Cloud, that access is much improved. While many companies still operate on a standard 8 or 9 to 5 format, many others have broken away from that means of doing work. As many small businesses have employees traveling and/or working from home, it is important that everyone can have access to needed files and folders whenever necessary. The Cloud does just that, permitting anyone on the staff (or independent contractors) the ability to share and download files, folders and more. Speaking of those independent contractors (consultants, writers, marketers etc.), giving them the ability to interact with your documents (yet not physically be in your office) proves a game-changer too. In a global world where time is of the essence in securing deals and making business happen, not having to wait until you’re physically in your office to download files/folders and more can mean the difference between securing a deal and losing one. With the Cloud, you literally have access 24/7/365 to your business needs.

In selecting a Cloud provider be sure to do your research, allowing you to vet each and every potential provider you might end up doing business with.

Not only is their Cloud experience obviously important, but also look to their track record when it comes to customer service.

Just as you hopefully go out of your way to provide stellar customer service to each and every one of your customers, the Cloud provider you end up going with must do the same for you and your brand.

If you’re having trouble gaining traction in finding out much about your potential Cloud provider through their website or word-of-mouth, turn to social media.

With social networking sites, you may very well catch some comments (positive or negative) on how this company and that company do when it comes to Cloud resources. Although you should take any and all comments with a grain of salt, some may prove useful to you in your decision making process.

If your small business has been hesitant to move towards the Cloud, there is still plenty of time to get your brand integrated.

At the end of the day, anything to make your business a more polished and streamlined company is where you should be headed.


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