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The Right Printed Material is No Small Matter

Dave Thomas

June 17, 2016

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Is your small business reaching as many consumers as you’d like to?

If the answer to that question is no, there are a number of ways you can go about changing that issue.

From better email and mobile marketing to social media ventures, there is much for your brand to gain when the promotions increase in both volume and specificity.

That said don’t ever turn your back on more traditional brand promotion means such as using printed items (flyers, pamphlets, business cards etc.). With the right printed approach, your small business can still go after countless consumers, some of whom could very well be waiting to spend money with you.

With that being the case, keep in mind that the right printed material is no small matter.

Focus on Spreading the Word

So that your small business can better promote its goods and services, remember these pointers:

  • Pick the best – When looking for the right printing company with which to work with for your printed flyers and other such needs do your research. With all the different printing providers out there, you need to sort through them and see which one not only provides you with the best service, but also which company can save you some money in the process. Given the fact many small businesses are having to watch their budgets as it is, you don’t want to get taken for a ride by working with the wrong vendor;

  • Know what you want to say – While your small business could print myriad of messages for consumers to see and hear, which ones will truly prove most effective at getting them to open up their wallets and purses? For example, printing up hundreds and hundreds of business cards is fine (and actually recommended), but remember that you have limited room on them. Typically, a business will have its company name/logo, address, phone number, website URL, along with the person’s email contact. After that, you might be able to get a small saying on the card regarding the business. If you’re going with something bigger such as a flyer or brochure, there is more room to spread your message. In doing so, make sure you utilize that space and don’t let it go to waste. Lastly, having a catchy phrase on anything you print up is always good. While some consumers might not remember exactly where you’re located or what your telephone number is, there’s a good chance they’ll remember a line that stands out, i.e. Main Street’s oldest jeweler, Birmingham’s top-rated pizza parlor etc. Between your creative mind and that of your printing vendor, connect on the right message for those you’re looking to promote to;

  • Distribute strategically – Taking your business cards, pamphlets, brochures etc. and just distributing them wherever is not the kind of strategy you want to deploy. Always think ahead, determining where you’re best-served in dropping off your printed materials. One example is in town, specifically in the areas that typically receive the most foot traffic. Whether that would be specific stores, the Chamber of Commerce, medical facilities, wherever you have permission and wherever you expect to see large congregations of individuals. If you’re attending trade shows during the year, by all means take a sizable number of business cards, brochures describing your brand etc. to the events. Just leaving some in a well-traveled area of the show is a good idea. The goal at the end of the day is for consumers to pick up one or more of your printed items, read them over, then hopefully reach out and contact you either with wanting to know more about your small business or even make a purchase or two.


When you find the best printing solution for your small business needs, you open a wealth of opportunities to promote your brand.

In doing the right brand promotions, your company can position itself as a leader in your respective industry.

If you’ve not been happy with your current printer or have gotten out of doing brochures and other printed items for a while now, change that approach moving forward.

Always remember, the right printed material is no small matter when it comes to your business succeeding.


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