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Acquiring the Right Employees is No Small Task

Dave Thomas

September 08, 2016

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So that you can make your small business successful for many years to come, it is important that you get the right people in the right positions from day one.

With that being the case, what are you doing in order to solidify your hiring process?

Are you taking the time to carefully vet each and every potential employee who comes through your front door?

Some smaller businesses are very meticulous when it comes to the hiring process, especially given the fact that small offices means teamwork is an even bigger piece of the puzzle.

Larger companies, meantime, can sometimes get away with a few bad hires, especially when there are other workers in the company who can cover up for someone’s mistakes.

With that being said, are you doing all you can to make sure you acquire the right employees from day one?


Resumes and Their Importance

As you sit down to peruse each and every resume that comes your way, how much emphasis do you put on experience versus great college grades and being active in one’s academic years?

If you’re hiring someone who is a decade or more removed from college, you are certainly more inclined to focus on their years in the workforce.

Meantime, those individuals just coming out of college may have some workplace experience, most typically in terms of part-time jobs and/or as interns. In such cases, you are more likely to look at their college grades and the activities they participated on, especially those with a focus on the business world.

As you go over resumes, you can oftentimes tell whether they had a professional touch or two added to them.

If a pro at a technical resume service leant their experience to the process, that is not always going to be rather obvious, but in some cases, you will pick up on patterns after looking at multiple resumes.

Whether a professional has tended to the resume or not, make sure it is a resume that is free of errors, sentencing structure issues etc. While everyone is human and makes mistakes, gaffes on a resume can be a death sentence for the prospective employee.


Being Digitally Savvy

Another key point to zero in on in today’s business world is how digitally inclined prospective workers are.

Face it; getting along in today’s workplace without online skills is quite challenging, especially if one is looking for work involving marketing, sales, advertising, computers, business administration, retail and more.

When interviewing candidates; ask them about their experience (and comfort for that matter) in the digital world. If they seem uneasy with it, that could be a red flag to at least keep in your mind.

As more and more small businesses have been discovering, being active online is nothing short of a necessity in today’s world.

Whether it is helping customers out with an online store or being socially active in promoting one’s brand, businesses all but are committed to having an online presence.

In interviewing potential hires, see how they respond when you ask them about their online activities.

Do they have a LinkedIn page? Do they job hunt using various online job resources? Would they be comfortable promoting your brand online if asked to do so?

Bringing the best talent out there into your workplace is not always a done deal.

In some cases, you will hire what you think is a surefire winner, only to find that person was not the real deal when all was said and done.

In other cases, you will hire someone who you may have had a question or two about, but they end up turning out to be one of the best hires you ever made.

As you hire more and more employees over time, you get much more comfortable in the hiring process in general.

Remember, resumes that stand out are what you are looking for, but it is how the individual does on his or her interview that really will carry the most weight at the end of the day.

So, are you ready to hire the next great employee?


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