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Help Your Employees Feel At Home: How To Make Your Office More Comfortable

Kara Masterson

March 16, 2017

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Some professionals spend more time in the office than they do at home. It makes sense to design a comfortable workplace so that employees look forward to work every day. Help to build their confidence and make them more comfortable without turning the office into a resort. Here are ways to keep the productivity levels up and boost employee morale.

Invest in Ergonomic Office Furniture

The regular desks and chairs at home are not suitable for working. Home furniture is made for relaxing and lying back. Office workers sit at desks and in front of computers for long hours - they need ergonomic office furniture to keep their backs straight, maintain proper eye levels and reduce physical strain. Ergonomic chairs are made with comfort materials to cushion the back and also prevent slouching. The computer desks are built like miniature dressers with drawers and compartments to help organize office supplies.

Invest in Comfortable Rooms

When clients come into medical or law offices, they may feel nervous and uncomfortable. The least you can do is build a relaxing waiting room for their benefit. For your employees, create a similar room where they can rest on their break. Ask employees which types of lighting and furniture designs they want to include in the break room. Of course, you want to bring comfort into the workplace without giving the wrong impression. It takes time to find the right furniture designs from companies like Evenson Best that combine professional integrity with personal comfort.

Improve Natural Lighting

Every office needs proper daylighting that goes beyond artificial lighting. Use the appearance of light to keep employees awake and maintain high productivity levels. Letting in more natural light is important and simple to do, even when you have small windows. Also, add more color and vibrancy into your office with decorative window curtains and displays.

Ask for Suggestions

Instead of assuming that you have all the answers, ask your workers what they know will increase their comfort levels. Some people work more comfortably with more light and want to move into different offices, while others want to add more space into the break room. One solution is to make them fill out employee satisfaction surveys.

The comfort of an office is not a compromise on business productivity. In fact, making work more comfortable will encourage your workers to enjoy their jobs more and work harder for the company. When you take the time to make sure that your employees are happy you have a lot better workers and your overall company takes a turn for the best.


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