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Four Facts that Make Instagram the Best Social Media Platform for Marketing

Walter Moore

May 08, 2018

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Instagram is currently the most favorite platform of many marketers. Instagram is just behind Facebook in terms of audience base on social media platforms, which makes it an ideal tool for marketing. However, when it comes to user engagement, Instagram tends to be the best platform given its appealing theme of visual content. According to an online survey, it was reported that marketers on Instagram have doubled their reach within less than a year’s time, owing to the numerous aesthetic benefits the platform offers.

If you are new to Instagram and wondering how to leverage the platform for maximizing the user engagement, have a look at the following factors that explain why Instagram can be the best platform for enhancing your social media promotional campaign:

Mobile Responsiveness

Instagram is known for its easy-to-use nature that leads to the positive user experience. This also explains why more and more users on the social media are using Instagram for connecting with their friends, family, and new people as well. Another reason behind Instagram being one of the best social media marketing platforms is its exceptional mobile functionality. As more and more people are accessing the web and its resources on their smartphones, Instagram with its visual sharing platform naturally attracts more users and offers a great experience on the go.

Exclusively Simple

Instagram is a unique platform compared to other social media networking sites such as Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn because of its novelty. For brands, who want to target the younger demographic, Instagram tends to be the ideal tool as the platform has done a great job in attracting the younger generation that loves to scroll down the never-ending visual feed. According to a report, it was found that more than half of the Instagram users fall under the age of 30.

Visual Content

Everyone loves to gather details via sight, which has given a rise to visual marketing on social media platforms, making Instagram the prime name over others. With the horizontal sequence of photos and videos, as well as, the opportunity to switch to the business account and opting for sponsored visual ads, Instagram is definitely the center of visual marketing. The visual nature and design of the mobile-exclusive app make it different from other social media marketing platforms. For more likes and interaction on Instagram, you can think of using the services of sites such as

A Wide Range of Opportunities

Unlike other social media platforms, Instagram is not restricted to a single, unique function. It provides the usage of hashtags and sharing posts to the public, but with a better control over spammy content and has a reasonable tight personal network. You can also use Instagram for building your own audience base and make your own user community. It entirely depends on how appealing your content is and how well you interact with your followers.


When it comes to choosing a social media platform for increasing your reach, nothing beats Instagram in today’s date. Keep the above-mentioned reasons in mind and market your business properly on Instagram.


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