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The Best Ways to Entertain a New Business Client

Boris Dzhingarov

May 10, 2018

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Businesses are always looking for ways to land new clients, so when it does happen you obviously want to put your best foot forward. Part of putting your best foot forward may include entertaining your new client. Maybe they are in town for a couple of days to meet with you, and learn about your products/services. While discussions about work are important, it’s also nice to give your client some down time and push the work talk aside.

Here are some ways that you can entertain your new business client and ensure they have the best visit possible, guaranteeing new business exposure in the future and a better overall partnersship.

Take Them to a Local Eatery

Rather than taking your new client out to dinner at a typical big chain restaurant, or something basic and run of the mill, pick a restaurant that is famous with locals. Let’s face it locals usually know the best places to eat, so why not treat your client to the best. This is a great opportunity to show off your city/town’s culture and cuisine and create a dining experience that is memorable.

Host a Wine Night at Your Home

A lot can be said for that personal touch as it can really help to wow that new client. Why not host a wine night at your own home? There is no better way to make the new client feel welcomed and appreciated than by inviting them into your home. You can invite co-workers, other clients, and make it a casual and fun evening. Just be sure to set up transportation to and from your house for your client.

Attend a Sporting Event

Sporting events are always a fun place to relax and unwind, and are about as far away from “shop talk” as possible. If you can do a little digging in advance to figure out what sport your new client is interested in, then it can help you choose which event to purchase tickets for.

Enjoy Some Music

Another popular option is to snag some tickets to a big concert or musical show. Presenting your new client with the “hottest tickets in town” is sure to make them feel welcomed. You can go the extra mile by setting up a car service that will pick the two of you up and shuttle you to and from the event.

Give Them Free Time

As great as it is to share these entertaining activities with your new client, it’s also important to give them a little free time. You can provide them with a list of things they may enjoy doing such as checking out the spa in their hotel, watching a movie, or basically anything.

Hitting the Right Note

Finding ways to entertain a new business client is all about hitting that right note of fun. Whether they are into a more low-keyed dinner at a local eatery, or something a bit more rambunctious like a local sporting event, there are plenty of options to choose from.


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