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Does Your Small Biz App Get Enough Promotions?

Dave Thomas

June 11, 2018

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Having a small business app can be one of the best ways to go about promoting your brand.

That said making sure your small biz app is getting recognition is quite important. In the event it is not, what good is it going to do you in trying to recruit new business?

While there are a myriad of ways to go about promoting your small biz app, some tend to work better than others.

So, is it time to ramp up your small biz app promotions?

Get Noticed Today

Among some of the best ways to get your small biz app recognized include:

1. Having others rating your app – One great way to gain traction with your app is to have others rate it. Keep in mind that there are companies out there doing app ratings on a regular basis. As such, they can help put you in front of the eyes of many different consumers. As part of the ratings, your app’s ability to download with ease for consumers is quite important. If your app is slow or hard to download, do you expect many consumers to wait around and figure it out? Be sure to do regular testing of your app for any shortcomings, as it is definitely to your benefit.

2. Promoting via social media – If you’ve been slow to use social media, this should change moving forward. Your small biz app can gain a fair amount of traction by getting seen on various social media sites. Given how many folks are on social media at any given time, you would be foolish not to be promoting your app there. For example, start a conversation on your Facebook page about your app. Prove how easy it is to go about using your app. Next thing you know, you could have consumers who follow you on Facebook. They could be chiming in about your app and how they go about using it.

3. Have a thick skin – It is also important that you have a bit of a thick skin. Remember, some consumers may not like all that your app has to offer. They might also take issue at times with how it works. By being able to deal with tough questions and problems with your app, you’re a step closer to resolving any issues. Most consumers will look at this in a positive manner.

4. Incentives for your customers – It is also wise to give customers an incentive to promote your app. What about discounted shopping for those who will promote your app to family and friends? This can be a great way to get current customers to spend more time and money with you. In the process, could be bringing in new business for you through their contacts. Before you know it, you can see a sizable uptick in your sales.

Being smart about your app promotions is something you want to put effort into.

When you do, you more times than not will see results to put a smile on your face.


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