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Digital Marketing 101: How to Make Your Online Business Visually Standout to Potential Customers

Lizzie Weakley

July 30, 2018

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When it comes to marketing your business online, few things are as important as grabbing your viewers’ eyes as soon as they see your ads or website. If you attract the attention of your visitors, you then have a chance to sell them on your product or service. Here are four great ways to make your business stand out to potential customers.


Use Plenty of Multimedia

On your website, you need more than plain text articles and sales copy. Try to use multimedia, including images, videos and infographics to break up the text and to make your content more appealing to customers. Breaking up the next not only makes your content more visually appealing, but actually will make your visitors more likely the read a larger amount of the text itself because it will be more engaging.


Pay a Professional Photographer to Create Your Product Images

If you’re selling physical products, nothing will hurt your sales more than poor product images. Though it will cost some money, you should pay a professional photographer to photograph your products. By making this one-time investment, you can ensure that your product pages will be much more successful going forward.


Learn to Use Color Grading Software

One of the best ways to improve your site’s visual appeal is to use a color grading software to enhance the coloring of the images and videos you use on it. Color grading softwares aren’t too difficult to use, but new users will require some basic training and instruction to use them effectively. Among color grading software for websites, DaVinci Resolve is widely regarded as one of the best options.


Change Your Website Design

If you already have a business website, it might have a very basic site design that isn’t necessarily the best for generating leads and sales. Updating your site design can be a great way to quickly improve your website’s visual appeal. Though you can have a custom site design created, you can also use WordPress templates to create a good-looking site with relative ease.


These are only a few of the ways you can improve the overall visual appeal of your online business. By making your business site more attractive, you can begin to see more engagement and higher sales. Always remember that great visual design and great content go together, so be sure to also pay attention to the quality of the articles, sales copy, videos and other forms of content that your business uses to engage with customers.


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