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The 4 Components Necessary to Manufacture Successful Products

Hannah Whittenly

August 16, 2018

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Any successful manufacturing company knows the steps that are required in order to thrive in the marketplace. According to, the essential components of quality management are quality control, assurance, improvement, and the needs of the customer. Here are the steps of the process explained in a little more detail.

Quality Control Program

A quality control program entails more than just the process required to make the product. The people are just as important as the actual manufacturing steps. They’re the ones that are responsible to ensure that the steps are being followed. There are also checks and balances that are involved. This means that each step of the process is validated and approved prior to the manufacturing even beginning. Training and a high degree of detail are needed in order to be consistent over the whole manufacturing process.

Assurance Aspects

A process may need to be changed according to regulations and other factors for the needs of the business. A manufacturer has to ensure the highest standards when it comes to the finished product. The first place to start with this process is through the receipt of raw materials. These raw materials need to be inspected before they can be used in the process. As each step of the manufacturing process proceeds, there needs to be a quality control check point.

Product Improvement Process

The point of the product improvement process is to make the best product based upon the needs of the customer. Feedback is often solicited from customers in order to revise the procedures. Project quality management is responsible to ensure that these changes still meet the requirements that are already set in place. Prototypes are developed and tested to make sure that the process can be replicated consistently. Being consistent is the key to a successful product line.

Exceeding Customer Expectations

You have to not only meet the needs of the customer, but exceed their expectations. This means that the product may need to evolve with the passage of time. Changes need to be implemented in a controlled fashion. Staying ahead of the curve can ensure that you stay competitive in the marketplace. This cycle is often referred to as the PDCA cycle. It stands for Plan, Do, Check, and Act. It’s another essential component of the overall quality control program that should be utilized to be successful.

Manufacturing can be a complicated business. This means that you have to have appropriate measures in place to aid in your success.


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