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Mobile marketing tours are opening new market fronts for business owners

Charlie Brown

October 03, 2018

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So you have been on the experiential front for quite some time. You have tried and tested all the versions of event marketing. You have been a part of some of the leading tradeshows and exhibits in the city and the state. Now, you are thirsting for something more. Is it time for you to move on from event marketing altogether? Has your journey on the event bandwagon come to an end? Wait a minute before signing out! Have you considered taking your brand on the road?

We are not talking hoardings and billboards. We are talking about taking a trip across the 50 states with your brand to find out what people are saying about you. Well, you might not have to travel across all 50 states, but only the places with the highest population of your customers. That might include your current city, or it might consist of 10 different towns along the west coast. Taking a tour with your brand is the easiest way to build a real connection with your target customers without spending millions of dollars!

What’s so great about mobile marketing tours anyway?

Mobile truck tours are capable of carrying your name far and wide. News spreads faster through experiential marketing than it does through traditional media. One of the better ways to leverage the full power of mobile tours is by combining the experiential marketing strategies with those of social media. You can control every aspect of the interaction with a reliable and trained tour manager. It is virtually impossible to do so during social media interactions and in-store interactions. Audiences always perceive a hidden interest of push-sales and promotions during in-store communications. Mobile tours give you the advantage of approaching your potential customers in their comfort zone that can be a school parking lot, college campus, the local park or the busy corner of a street.

Who should opt for mobile truck marketing?

Mobile trucks are perfect for all businesses and all industries. You can choose to go on the road this summer (or winter, depending upon your product) if you have the right vehicle. In short, any of the following niches can be a part of experiential marketing –

  1. Food
  2. Sports
  3. Clothing
  4. Makeup and beauty
  5. Lifestyle products
  6. Interior décor
  7. Communications and technology
  8. Popular media

Whatever industry your business belongs to, you can leverage the impressive customization features of mobile trucks to promote your latest products and services.

The only way to find success on the road is by adding some momentum to your tour truck, and the only way of doing that is by deciding where you should head.

Where is the ground zero?

Finding the right location of your marketing campaign is the most critical part of any tour. You need to find the most happening local events you can sponsor, or you can organize unique events exclusively for your loyal customers. Always remember that your customers have spent money on your services and products, so it is your responsibility to reward them with the best experience. Best should mean a definitive “wow” factor that has the power to define your brand presence.

The aim of your strategy should be to cast a wide net in a new market and pull in as many potential customers as possible. It should also serve the interest of existing customers. You need to reestablish old connections and establish new interactions as you go. Visit to find out how you can make that possible on a shoe-string budget.

How are you planning to spread the word?

Do your target audiences know you are coming to their neighborhood? When you set up shop in an unpredictable location, you always run the risk of attracting a thin crowd. You need to spread the word as far and wide as possible through social media, in-store adverts, and popular media bites. You need to let your fans and followers know that you are going on the road on a particular date and you are bringing tons of goodies for them.

The feeling of anticipation and excitement fuel the exclusivity most customers crave. Interact with them one-on-one on social media, if possible, to keep the exclusive feel alive. Always advertise your exact route and schedule with enough time at hand. That way you will never have to worry about missed opportunities if you intimate your target audience before time.

How to fuel your consumer experience?

You need to provide enough reason for your customer to remember you. Whether you are ready to offer a few trinkets or you want to give them the experience of a lifetime, you need to decide in advance. Chalk out the budget for your tours, events and then find out what you can afford as memorabilia. Make sure the items are useful, and the customer thinks about your brand (consciously or subconsciously) while using them.

Encourage people to talk about the event and post pictures with their memorabilia on social media. The right approach can have your customers talking about your brand weeks after the live event is over. Your tour marketing needs to be infectious, that is the only way to create some viral content for your Facebook and Instagram pages.

What happens after you are off the road?

Mobile truck tours cannot go on forever. You need to create a lasting impression on your audience. Moreover, you need to cement your brand’s name through the product quality and the experience of the interaction. Whether you follow up on the registered visitors via email or send them postcards a month after the tour, you need to do something exclusive to make them feel special and wanted. Make sure that each customer awaits the next tour with bated breath as soon as they step off the truck this time.

Your mobile tours need to be more than the mundane marketing campaigns. These are parts of experiential marketing strategies that should be able to put your brand right in front of your most valued customers.


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