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The One True Secret To A Guaranteed Internet Business Income

Michael Laleye

September 03, 2007

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There are many people who claim they have the secret to guaranteed internet business income. They say it is a process or system. They charge large amounts of money for the secret or they give it away because they want the people to whom they give it to become a part of their opportunity. What they are really offering is just a chance to join their opportunity so they can make more money. Not a great secret and definitely not the one true secret to guaranteed internet business income.

The one true secret to guaranteed internet business income is attitude. Every person that has ever been successful in an online business has the same attitude. They are dedicated and passionate about their business. Without dedication and passion a person will not succeed at their business. It does not even matter how good the product is or how great the person is at selling and marketing, the bottom line is if they do not have the attitude they will not succeed.

It may be hard to believe that attitude can have such an impact on business, but it does. A person who is not dedicated to their business will allow other things to push their business to the backburner. They will have no problem letting their business suffer in favor of doing something else. They will not be driven or determined to make their business the best that it can be. They will settle for anything. Their business will suffer from their lack of desire to make it successful. As with anything in life, if a person is not dedicated to the task they will likely not do much with it.

Passion is something that any good salesperson will say is the key to selling. At the heart of every business is something to be sold. Every good business person can sell and are passionate about their product. The reason for this is that in order for a person to buy something they have to develop an interest in it. A salesperson that is passionate will talk about a product as if it is the most wonderful thing imaginable. They will convince people they cannot live without it, that they need it. People will then become interested and likely buy it. A business person that is not passionate about their product will find they do not end up with very customers who are passionate about it either.

Determination and passion are two of the most simple concepts, but they truly are the key to guaranteed success in creating an internet business income. These character traits are not something a person can learn, but rather are part of their state of mind about a business concept or product. When a person finds an internet business income opportunity that fires up their dedication and passion then they have found the opportunity for guaranteed success.


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