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New Book Offers Practical Tips for Success in the Fast-Changing World of Government Grants

Deepak Khanna

July 17, 2008

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It is never as simple as some would want you to believe, but if you follow some basic rules and ignore government grant myths, you can increase your chances of getting your share of the billions of dollars available in free grants and free grant money.


The Grant Authority describes today’s fast-changing government grant industry, focusing on the current transition to electronic grant submission led by federal grant-making agencies. Federal agencies are heading fast toward 100% electronic grant preparation and submission, if you don’t follow their latest instructions for submission you risk denial without review no matter how well you write your proposal, or how effectively you do your research.


Grant funds are free and available from federal, state and local governments, nonprofit organizations, and private corporations. The Grant Authority teaches you how to research, apply, and follow-up with potential grantors in this easy-to-read book for all grant seekers.


This practical and comprehensive “how-to” book covers all aspects of grant research and writing, with insights to how what grantors want to read in a winning grant proposal. It uses a practical, hands-on approach to explain a complex grant process in easy-to-read and understand terms. Checklists, web site photos, to-do lists, tips on what to do and what to avoid, forms, resources, and a comprehensive glossary make this a ‘must-read’, informative and educational ‘self-help’ reference book you can’t afford to miss.


The Grant Authority features real-life success stories of people and small businesses who have received small business grants to start new businesses, buy their first home, and start non-profit organizations. It also includes a comprehensive Appendix on CD with forms, sample grant proposals, letters, and much more.


Read The Grant Authority to learn how to make the grant system work for you. Learn how following the rules can give you the winning edge in any grant competition and help turn your dreams into reality.


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