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How To Promote Your Prosperity Automated System (PAS) Website

Leonard Bartholomew

September 21, 2006

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Millions of new internet businesses have popped up on the web lateley. Some of these businesses allow you to make money online without having to have your own website to maintain. They are called replicated websites. That is where all of the hosting and webpage maintenance is taken care of by the company sponsor.

The Prosperity Automated System (PAS) is a good example of one of these programs. All you need to do is join up and they issue a replicated page and an affiliate id. You are off and running with internet marketing! And then? Some of these internet businesses also send you traffic by rotating your page through an advertising portal. And then? The reason I ask this is because I have received a number of e-mails asking "how do I promote my webpage and get higher placement in the search engines?"

It is interesting to note that, when you search Google for "PAS", the only page 1 entries returned usine Google that are actually for the Prosperity Automated System are Google ads. "Prosperity Automated System" only returns a little over a million entries. Not a big market niche to most internet marketers. This is an online home based business money making opportunity, isn't it? Then lets treat it as one and promote it like any other internet business!

1. Write articles

Article marketing is the most effective way to get any website noticed and generate traffic. Getting your articles ditributed to the hundreds of article directories is easy using Article Marketer, Just Articles Content Submission Pro, or ArticleSubmitter Pro. These services will get your article out on the web hundreds of times and, using proper anchor text techniques in the authors biography, give your replicated website loads of one way back links. Choosing the right keyword phrases for your anchor text is critical as this is the niche market you are wanting your webpage to show up in the search engines for. Run your web page through to get the most significant keyword phrases.

2. Directory Submission

Submitting your replicated website URL to website directories is another way to get plenty of back links and traffic. Since you are not able to perform reciprocal linking, that is they link to you if you link to them, because you are not able to place a link on the replicated page, you will need to find website directories that accept one way URL links. The higher the priority ranking (PR) the more traffic. You may need to pay a fee to get listed on one of these directories. Directory Submitter software will allow you to submit your webpage to hundreds of directories easily. Directories are listed in order of PR.

3. Google Adwords or alternative pay per click promotion

This is the most popular method of promoting a replicated web page. These do not do anything to help your search engine placement, but can generate a lot of traffic to your web page. Perry Marshall's "Definitive Guide To Google Adwords" is the most popular publication on promoting your web page using pay per click. Brad Callen has a new ebook out that will also provide you with the most profitable keywords that can be used in your campaign.

4. Blogging

This is the internet marketers most popular way of promoting their website. It should be the PAS owner's first line of offense in promoting their replicated website page as well. A blog post behaves just like an article. Using proper anchor text techniques in the footer or side bar to link to your replicated web page will also provide you with a number of one way back links. Using a service like Just Articles will give you plenty of content that you can post to your blog daily.

5. Get your own hosted website and promote your Prosperity Automated System (PAS) web page on it

Getting your own hosted website is easy. Your own website will allow you to perform external reciprocal linking as well as internal reciprocal linking. Internal linking is when you have a website with 2 or more pages, usually the main page and sub-pages. The sub pages, containing content like articles, point to the main page. The main page points back to the sub-page. You are basically creating your own web.

It is not so different from standard internet marketing, isn't it?


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