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Explore New Ventures with Ecommerce

James John

July 01, 2009

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The advent of the internet has left the virtual world hardly an illusion. It is a world that is real and full of potentialities to grow in every aspect whether it is socializing, entertainment, or doing serious business.Business activities can be done very smoothly and conveniently on the internet with Ecommerce websites.

Ecommerce is a subset of the E-business which enables the seller and the buyer to come in direct contact through the website. Ecommerce has multiple models and it is necessary to know about them if you wish to get started with one. A company providing web design and development services generally avails you with complete Ecommerce solutions.

One of the most common kinds of Ecommerce that we are familiar with is Business to Consumer (B2C). This is the basic model that involves the businesses with the customers. Under this model the seller puts up his products or services on their websites for display and the customer makes the purchase according to his/her choice. Business to Business (B2B) is also another popular model of Ecommerce which involves the producers and the retailers. In this model, the consumers are not individuals but small or medium sized businessmen or companies. For instance, the retailer purchases Dell computers from the Dell Company. Hence it is a transaction between manufacturer and a wholesaler or a retailer.

One of the less known though popular kind of Ecommerce is Consumer to Consumer (C2C). Here the purchaser buys products and sells product through a common platform such as eBay. This too is one form of Ecommerce. Since the seller is a consumer of the services of the sites like eBay, he is also considered as a consumer in this transaction.

Now-a-days, m-commerce has also become popular as the usage of the mobile devices has increased for conducting business. Websites are now specially designed for the mobile phones and even their optimization is done so that it can provide with good business. Ecommerce is becoming very important part of offshore outsourcing industry.

The reason behind the popularity of Ecommerce and its so many types is because it is has wide exposure and provides with business flexibility. Ecommerce accepts several modes of payments and therefore, it is more convenient. You can make easy payments through PayPal, Google checkout and many others.


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