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Make Sure Your Business is Set on Safe Ground

Dave Thomas

January 03, 2013

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Whether you run a small business out of your home or an office location, do you know how safe the setting truly is?

Unfortunately, some individuals find out too late that where their office is situated is not the safest of areas when it comes to the building’s foundation. In some cases, water leaks can occur that lead to costly and timely repairs.

In the event you are starting a new small business somewhere in 2013 or have some questions about the safety of your current location, there are some things to consider when it comes to your building. They include:

* Location - Where you work out of is important, as working from a building or home that is on questionable land can cause you headaches from the start. If you are considering buying office space for your small business, determine if the building is in an area that floods often, has had earthquake issues or is in a locale where sinkholes etc. are common. If one or any of those problems is existent, you could find yourself spending more money than originally planned on securing your business. With a water leak detection service, you can determine if the chances for water leakage are greater in that area, meaning you make a better-informed decision on whether to buy or rent the property;

* Emergencies - In the event your current location sees a water emergency, water leak detection services can assist in pinpointing the precise location of where the break and/or leak is. As a result, the water line can be fixed at exactly the point of the problem, leading to less expenses and a quicker fix time;

* Discovering utilities - With a water leak detection service, you can determine if the property where your small business will be located is in an area that includes utilities, wires and other fixtures. Whether they are located in the ground or inside walls and/or floors, knowing these locations ahead of time will save you from potential problems should there be a water leak in the area;

* Safety matters - Finally, using a water leak detection service can help you avoid potential liabilities. In the event you have a leak on your company’s property, it can lead to problems such as excess water resulting in falls, mold or other health-related matters. If it is proven that the leak has been there for some time now, whether you knew about it or not may not matter if you are sued. While the naked eye may not pick up where the leakage is coming from, the detection service can, helping you better avert costly repairs and potential lawsuits.

If you have questions to pertaining to your current office regarding water matters, detecting them before they become costly problems will help you avoid being left high and dry.


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