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I had been a very skeptical about internet marketing until just a few months back when i saw Stephen Pierce speeches in singapore be it education or business, you will need a mentor to guide you along the way that's why i choose Stephen Pierce to be my guide, there's no such thing as a super shortcut without the proper mindset. but only the simplest way to success upon understanding To your success Charlie Grey Stephen Pierce Asociate

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Generating Traffic Is Only Half The Battle

Charlie Grey

June 15, 2009

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In the world of Internet marketing and Internet business much emphasis is placed on generating traffic.While a good flow of traffic to your site is necessary, it does not guarantee success.
So what is necessary to ensure success beyond having a steady flow of traffic coming to your site?

Let's take a look at a couple of important ingredients to success.

The first ingredient is a quality website.  While anyone can generate traffic to their site, the site has to be able to keep the visitors there.

To do this you need a well-designed site that has quality content, is easy to navigate and offers the visitors what they want.

Without these facets your site will not retain the visitors' attention and you will not get sales.

The next ingredient is your products/services.  If you have a limited number of products/services your customers will soon tire of seeing the same old thing and go elsewhere for something new.

You must provide a variety of products/services to keep your customers coming back, however don't change things up too much or too often.  In doing so you may inadvertently discontinue carrying/offering something that was popular.
On the other hand, having too much to offer can be equally bad for business.  Your customers will not want to spend hours sifting through scores of products or endless lists of services.

You must take the time to find a balance that will please your customers.
The last essential ingredient I would like to mention is customer service.  Quality customer service is of the utmost importance, more so than product/service offerings.

No matter how good your offerings are, if your customers can not get answers to questions or satisfaction when they have a complaint they will not be likely to come back any time soon.

To your success

Charlie Grey
Stephen Pierce Associate


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