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Creating a Successful Web Page Layout

Web Page Layout

Sania Gupta

July 25, 2008

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A website is composed of many individual pages which collectively effect the website. Even though the web page is jumbled like a puzzle chooses the web layout that is both simple and complementary to the focus the message. Choose the layout in such way that it pleases website owner and the visitors to stick on with it throughout the website.

Most of the web visitors “skim” pages looking at the headings and focal points rather than reading whole matter. So focus on the headings and make them interest so that they read the small text too. Individual page of the website must layout the visitor to find out the clear message from the webpage at a glance.

While creating a webpage, see to that web users rarely scroll past the first screen. Prepare attractive content where the visitors attention or gain their interest on the display. Arrangements of the text and graphics should not get bored. A good graphics will also give you poor look if they are not arranged properly. It is imperative to have visitors to feel good about the site and accomplished with clean, simple with pleasing page layouts.

Text or the content is not the one and only element of the website. Balance the site with colors, headers, footers and styles of graphics with uniformity. This sense of quality will give you good impression to the visitors and business will pro shine. Emphasize the features of the page logically with both text and graphics to catch the visitor’s eye. This will skim the visitors quickly according to their requirement. While creating a page layout remembers that focal point on each page has to draw the eye towards the main topic of the page in order to make it easy for deciding regarding the information seeking.

 While Creating a Successful Web Page Layout consider some of the points given below:

  1. Feature your logo, banner, business name in the header area.

  2. Create a navigation bar where visitors finds the results easily.

  3. Bottom of the site display the details of website and contact info on every page to avoid repetitions of all links.

  4. Fill the content are with useful, and rich content to convince the visitors about their business and invite them to return to site.

  5. Choosing colors – Dark font and light background colour combination to work well.

  6. Pictures, logo and artwork of the web page. See to that it is easy to download because visitors cannot wait for longer time.

  7. Create some animations with sound effects on the webpage to attract

Research of the website gives best way to understand the good web page layout. Focus on more attractive content, images, colours etc to make much impressed.



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