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Home Maker, Accounts Payable Clerk and online Entrepeneur Personally Successful in several home based affiliate business, and achieved financial independence earning in excess of 2 million dollars over the last 3 years. I use this model exclusively at the group of companies, and is very successful for me.
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Exploring Home Based Income as a Way of Life

Catherine Westmore III

August 08, 2006

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I am a complete computer newbie, I lost my job, I am retired - NOW WHAT. Before the internet these last few statements were Stress Builders. Out comes the Resume, as we shell out hundreds of dollars passing out our doctored past life and experiences.

Interviews, Interviews, Humiliation, rejection and possibly - a few months later Jubilation, you found a job. This is the cycle we experience many times before the Big Day - Retirement. Now, you must learn a whole new lifestyle, The Art of Permanent Poverty.

You can break this habit, and start an entirely new Tradition. Building an online business and restructure your financial destiny beyond poverty. Send you kid to college, go on an extended vacation, it is not Freedom 55, it is Freedom Now. An entire lifestyle, sipping on the elixir of home income.

Alas, it is not easy, it is not simple and it will not be any type of Getting Rich Quick. Lifelong habits are not built this way, we grow 1 microsecond at a time, and we will build the habits of building our income from home exactly the same way.

First of all, we can learn anything, it is only a matter of circumstance. Our Human Condition prepares us to adapt to any circumstance, and we will change our habits if we must. Keep in mind therefore that Poverty is the condition of our habits and comfort, and our freedom to choose is the very thing that keep us consistently poor.

First, we must change our habits and expectations. Building an income from home is a very different thing that you ever learned to do. You never learned it, you never did it. All you were ever trained to do, all of your habits were developed to WORK FOR THE RICH, or WORK FOR THE POWERFUL. This is why you are always poor.

So, the first task is to retrain your Habits to get comfortable earning an income from home. The easiest way to do this will be listening to a Self Improvement Coach for 10 minutes every day. This will get you ready to build your income from Home. You can join thousands that are using this community center audio lab as a tool to build their habits and successful in achieving their financial security. You can join them here,, click on audio then Anthony Robbins.

If you have faith in meditation and mantras as a focusing tool to retrain your habits to adapt at building an income from home, you can click on Abundance.

This entire Community Center is attended by thousands daily, using the state of the art facility to meet and build their skills in achieving their objectives. Best of all. it is free. If you need a break, there is the Free Game Room, comics, cartoons, and Astrology to refresh yourself.

You will discover all the Financial Tools, a Stock Ticker and the latest Financial Tools to build your Financial income security from home - is all right there in the community center. It is all Right there at your Fingertips.

Now that you are building your habits to earn an income from home and getting comfortable with the idea, you may notice that it is getting easier to go online and do a little work. You may even get to like it. No stress, No forcing, No building displeasure from this new set of interests.

Go to google at, look up for an AFFILIATE Directory, and scan through all the companies that will pay you to help them get sales. Yep, that is the place to do it, so Bookmark that directory, it's your source of renewable income.

Select a few companies with similar products and services. Clickbank is one of these companies that have thousands of products to earn you a regular income. They will send you a check every 2 weeks, just like a JOB, except you are the Boss and you are Home.

You are taking the first few baby steps to earning an income from Home. You can look for marketing services that will pay you a recurring income like webdawg, or a hosting company that will pay you every month.

No matter, you are building The Income Side of earning an income from home. Make a list of all the Income Sources you have chosen, and next to each one - put a dollar figure you want to earn from each daily.

Like this - Clickbank - $100.00

Go down the list of income sources and set your target of daily earnings from each. Be conservative. Do Nothing else but this. Go to the community center, listen to some music, listen to Anthony, or mumble a mantra, and study your list of daily earning target.

Wait for a feeling of excitement from deep within, or something inside is telling you this is easy and you can do it. Wait until you are very convinced you can do it, then your mind, and your intellect is bonded to achieving it.

Now, you are ready to start earning an income from Home. So, let's do it. You need now a list of things to do every day that will build an infrastructure for your sales.

Again, go to Google and look for Free Traffic Networks. Make a list of Free Traffic Networks. Join Them. Each and Every Day Do this ...

Go down your List of Income Targets

Then, put on Anthony Robbins or your Favorite Song, and in another Browser -

Start Going down the list of each of your Traffic Generators and execute your List of targets.

Example :

For Search Engines - Submit each url on your Targeted Income List. So on ... and on, until you are at the end of your Targeted Income List.

Then move to the next Free Traffic Generator and do the same ...

In conclusion, continue this practice each and every day, do not relent. In a short while, both your Habits, Your Actions and your concentrated series of actions will break down all the barriers, creating initially a trickle then a full river of income- all earned from home

Can you implement this simple plan, I bet you could.

Smile at your small victories, laugh at you huge accomplishment and give a full heart laugh after home income is simply a happy way of life.

If you are looking for a model, you can find a Home Income Portal Owner Here

You can Do it.


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